Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hormones are the worst

Something is wrong with me.  I think it's probably just premature PMS (because it shouldn't be kicking in til next week), but if it doesn't clear up soon I shall be going to the doctor.  The other day I was so tired I literally couldn't get off my couch for like two whole hours which is pretty much unheard of in my world and with my very active lifestyle.  You know unless I am physically tied, stapled, glued or otherwise restricted to the couch.  And Then today I went shopping immediately after eating a fine lunch at Pinestreet Cafe in Ferrysburg  and it wasn't pretty. 

The meal was amazing, but yet it was less than five minutes later (in fact I probably sped there) that  I found myself buying 2 Salmon Patties at the Meat Block in Spring Lake.  Granted I hadn't even gone there looking for fish, I was searching for prosciutto!  I figured after we suffered the 11-year old halibut incident last week (sidenote I ate the last of the leftovers for lunch Tuesday), we deserved some fresh seafood and our 10 year wedding anniversary is this weekend so I am going to surprise Jeff with them....and then a few minutes later I found myself at Orchard Market in Spring Lake to see if they happened to have any prosciutto. 

I was pleasantly surprised that they did in their imported cheese section!  You know where this story is headed...straight to me buying more gouda!  I did and it's smoked too!!  In addition to buying these items, I also purchased many other items that were not on our list of approved items including but not limited to, chocolate, candy, cheese sticks (I repaid my inlaws the four I owed them today.  I always repay my debts), gogurts for the kid's lunches next week and good and plenty candy for yours truly.  I couldn't believe how much cheating I fit into a 15 minute shopping spree.  I think I could totally kill it on that game show that you have to run around and spend as much as you can during a two minute shopping trip.  Seriously I would own that game.  Supermarket Sweep apparently that was the name of it because I just googled "shopping game show" and that was what popped up!  So I spent the most in a single shopping trip that I have in well over 3 months and I blame it on PMS or me possibly having some unknown life-threatening illness.  I will let you know.  The statistics for this outing: I spent $52.50.  A total of $43.80 was spent on items not included in my challenge. So I had a failure rate just shy of 83%. YIKES.  I just have to put this behind me and move on though.  I will not allow it to be the start of an avalanche of failures. 

So our new means of hauling wood to our home involves loading it in a sled and dragging a few hundred yards to our basement.  It is all uphill too! Can't say I didn't see this day coming, but still it seems like an all time low for this good, old-fashioned, Michigan winter. I have included a poor quality selfie of me during this recent workout. 

 I am now the Gouda Goddess and the Wood Hauling Diva!
Wood hauling with a sled!  It's all the RAGE!
 The proof is in the Gouda...
 and the cheese sticks... and the gogurts... and the baby bels...
and the dark chocolate...and the Good and Plenty Candies!
I really should have done my research before I bought those salmon patties too because apparently the traditional 10th anniversary gift isn't supposed to be fish. It is supposed to be made of tin or aluminum.  Who knew?  Oh well you can't win them all I suppose.  I bet I have a can of something we can eat with our fish in the pantry anyways.  Might be outdated, in fact it probably is, but at least it will suffice for tradition and rid of us of another long term pantry resident! 

Vern Out

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