Thursday, February 20, 2014

Much ado about nothing!

Recently my book club friends (who are basically all of my very closest female friends who like wine because reading is optional, but drinking wine is not) tactfully pointed out that if I really want to be a serious blogger I probably should join the 21st century and get internet access at home.  I am not easily offended so I took this intervention pretty well and didn’t let it rain on my parade.  I did however quickly respond, “any moron can be a blogger if they have internet access at home and state of the art technology on their side; it takes a real brilliant mastermind to pull off a blog when each and every post requires a trip to the local library or McDonalds…generally with three kids, a dog, a 10-year old laptop that weighs more than the average kitchen sink… and my mixed up mind orchestrating the whole production".  Or something like that...  I am a committed professional blogger people, not some punk, kid, pothead, blogger want to be, who is blowing off steam from the comfort of his or her dorm room, or more likely parent’s basement. 
Yes, I am serious about my writing, but not serious enough to spend $40 a month to have internet installed.  Maybe I can find a few followers willing to pitch in to help bring our household into this century or maybe verizon would want to cut me a deal because I am so entertaining or maybe because we already have our cell phones and home phones with them.  I should probably check into it because I probably spend a lot on gas driving to places with internet access.

One other noteable update, our Discover bill arrived the other day and it was more than $500 less than usual.  I attribute this savings to our grocery shopping challenge so I was beyond excited.  Jeff was not nearly as enthusiastic which ticked me off because he is the cheap one in our relationship and here I go and make all this effort to save us a crap load of money (sidenote a "crapload" is actually a formally recognized unit of measure here in Nunica. It means a hell of a lot of money) and he doesn’t even have the common courtesy to get excited about it. Anyhow, I am still thrilled that we saved a bunch of dough this month and I am still not grocery shopping... yet.
The kids LOVED the roast from 2008 that was our dinner last night!   So we have about a dozen more roasts in the deep freeze that will be cooked over the next few months in the order in which they were harvested/butchered/hunted/killed or fill in the blank with some other term (that means to kill an innocent beautiful animal) that works for you___________!  Also I do realize that being older is only a favorable thing in the world of cheese and wine (and maybe men) and I am okay with that. However, I like to live on the wild side so eating this "aged" meat out of our freezer is all good with me.

I just added this picture because I LOVE the SPARTANS and
March Madness is coming and I figured it will help us do better!
PS if you are a wolverine fan, just pretend they are wearing Blue and Maize, but realize you are cheering for the wrong team!
Vern Out


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