Monday, February 24, 2014

Cheating with a one pound sausage

Okay once again people this is not perverted.  It's not porn that I am creating here, just a fun blog centered around our grocery shopping habits! I just went to the store and bought a pound of Italian sausage yesterday to add to our home-made pizzas for dinner last night. Yes I am a bacon lover living in a sausage lover's world.  I am the odd man out in our household where sausage ranks supreme.  For the record I detest the stuff, but in the interest of pleasing my fellow family members I made this sacrifice and bought the sausage.  But even though it was just a pound of Bob Evan's finest meat, it was still cheating... And since I am so honest and I have rid my conscience of this infraction, I feel much better having shared this most recent development.

Oh and I wanted to let you all know that I have some of the best friends and family members is the entire world. FOR REAL.  I don't know if they feel sorry for my poor family being caught up in this grocery gig I created, or if they just had random outdated stuff that they wanted to get rid of and like me they feel too guilty to throw it away, (but unlike me they are too scared to actually eat it) but whatever the cause my sister-in-law, my mother and my friend Tracy have all provided us bags and boxes full of food the past few months so this is my official "thank you" to anyone who has given us food, or had us over for dinner since December 1st we really appreciate the break from this nonsense!

Vern Out

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