Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What a crazy day

*****DISCLAIMER (this is actually about yesterday, but this was the soonest I could get online to post this because we still live in the 20th century at our house.  We lack cable television, smart phones and internet access.  At least we have running water and electricity! And at least I am still alive after the halibut incident) 

Today was crazy.  Now coming from a borderline crazy lady like myself, I am not sure how credible this assessment is so I will leave the final decision to you, but I have to admit it felt crazy even to me.  To help you make up your own mind (weather I am crazy or not) I will share some basic information with you.  
Shortly after boiling the heck out of eleven year old halibut fillet that I was preparing for dinner (more on that later it deserves its very own story and I am working on it) I found myself dressed like a poorly clad homeless person, running down Leonard street, trying to answer a phone call from a company that has been harassing me to sign up for some free offer that they have.  And all this was happening while Jackie Chan babysat my four-year old and a blizzard was blowing through town! 
See what I mean?  Crazy afternoon even for me! 
Crazy Selfie!!
I laughed right out loud at the water salesperson lady too because of the ridiculous nature of my situation.  I was not trying to be disrespectful, I was seriously just trying to catch my breath because I was of course running during the heaviest brunt of the storm so why wouldn’t a pushy salesperson call me amidst the mess to ask if it was a good time to talk.  Needless to say, It wasn't a good time to talk and further complicating matters was the fact that I was in a hurry because I needed to get home as soon as possible because Jackie Chan had to leave by 4 (aka the movie my child was engrossed in was over at 4).
Anyhow, at that particular moment while laughing hysterically at the poor, desperate and down right pushy, saleslady (who BTW definitely votes for insane with regards to me), I started to believe that perhaps I actually am crazy. Or does the fact that I realize it was all crazy mean I am still sane?  I am not sure... things are becoming very confusing to me…and I see a unicorn dancing on the ceiling drinking a margarita and knitting a scarf.  And right next to her is a dragon that is cooking steaks with his flaming breath while drinking a Heineken! And next to him a Smurf is ...
Dont worry I have already made an appointment with a shrink!
Vern Out 


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