Monday, March 3, 2014

Can't remember

I have a bunch of cool stuff to tell everyone only my notes are at home and I can't remember shit without them... seriously I am memory challenged.  I still like to blame my faulty brain, but honestly I might just be too busy and getting old because I forget stuff all the time.  Show and tell, snacks, to shower regularly.  You know a lot of important stuff.   I once went to the store to get cool whip (to clarify this was way back before the grocery shopping challenge) and came home with everything, but cool whip. I even have to keep a map in my purse that shows me the way home from various locations because otherwise I would probably be wandering aimlessly somewhere between Grand Haven and home right now because I still can't remember how to get home (just kidding on this one, but just barely).  SIGH. 

At least I am safe and sound at the library.  And at least I am still healthy and more importantly so are the kids.  So YES I totally SUCK because I make notes to help me remember important stuff I want to share and then I forgot my notes at home... and YES I need to get internet at home so that I don't need to make notes and have to try to remember to bring my notes along with this kitchen sink sized, ancient laptop to the library all the time. And I am just realizing that I totally should just type my notes on this laptop so that I cant forget them.  Duh... but then I would probably forget the laptop so that might not solve my problem...

On a happy note, my family of five survived off nothing but leftovers for the entire weekend!  This made me happy and we still have more random leftover stuff for tonight thanks in part to my sister-in-law who apparently likes to cook random stuff and give it to us!  Thanks, Kim!

And other than that not much is happening in  my world. We went out to dinner last night at the Republic  in Grand Rapids and it was delightful and I have not gone within 200 yards of a store since the incident the other day (you know the premature PMS inflicted mess) because I am scared of further failure.  Yes, I have a self-imposed restraining order on me in regards to any establishment that sells food for the next week.  If Jeff runs out of milk, he is going to need to grow up and fend for himself.

Vern Out

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