Friday, February 21, 2014

And now the dog has added me to his crazy list...

Just a quick one today to let you all know that the dog now thinks I am crazy too.  It's ad and also true.  I made him go out to go potty before I left for work this morning and he looked at me with those big brown eyes and while he can't actually speak this is what he would've said if he could.  "Mom you are out of your F*CKING mind.  I will be blown to Canada, or somewhere further away, if I go out there right now.  Please don't make me go outside.  It looks down right dangerous. Please I am begging you!?"

After that look that said so much, he did go out for like 5 seconds just long enough to piss all over our front steps. Good thing I LOVE Stan so much.  He is the best dog ever `and he is officially geriatric so I let him get away with stuff like this without yelling.

Heading to Orchard Market to get milk and bread... and today we are counting crescent rolls as bread because I plan to wrap them around some gouda cheese for our appetizer tonight since we are dining on the leftover halibut and roast that have a combined age of 16.  Yeah, they are old enough to drive! 

Vern Out

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