Tuesday, February 11, 2014


First of all, I am feeling much better so the ramen noodles are being rationed again and we are no longer using them as our primary form of nourishment.  I even prepared baked spaghetti for dinner tonight (it was the last of the spaghetti sauce) and homemade garlic bread to go with it.  I was feeling really proud of myself for pulling myself together (I even ran 7miles this morning!) and providing my family with a great home-cooked meal...

And then Jeff walked in the door with sushi that had been given to him at work by one of the restuarants he inspected today.  Which he totally never does.  And it was fresh and delicious and I had not had sushi since I quit working at a"real" job over four years ago.  So I had incredible sushi for dinner and everyone else had baked spaghetti!

But things are about to get real...  We are officially out of peanut butter now too. If you recall from a few of my past posts, we are also out of mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and spaghettios (no thanks to my kids on that because they refuse to eat them). Clearly things have changed since the 80's when I am pretty sure that spaghettios had their very own spot on the food pyramid!  Anyhow, the more items that we eliminate from our food pantry and freezer the more interesting things have gotten.

But life without peanut butter doesn't sound interesting. It just sounds scary.

This recent turn of events may bring an end to the food challenge because I have a serious love for peanut butter.  I hate PBJs. I always have.  It's the bread I don't care for though, not the peanut butter.  But any other possible way to ingest Peanut Butter that you could think of would probably be acceptable to me.  Heck I could just eat a spoon full of peanut butter and I would be satisfied. 

Yes, if I had to live off just one food for the rest of my life, it would likely be peanut butter.  Or maybe, avocados (but I would have to have spices and chips to go with them), or possibly bacon (but bacon always makes me really thirsty so probably not).  So it would probably be peanut butter.  Peanut Butter can stand alone and it is so versatile!  It can be any meal;breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It's even sweet enough to be a dessert. Or it could even be a side dish. Or even a vegetable in my eyes!  (I mean if popcorn counts why not peanut butter right)?

Anyhow, I am trying to process this new peanut butter-free situation that I find myself amidst.  I have not been without peanut butter in a very long time so I don't want to make any rash decision on the matter.

Vern Out

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