Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stay tuned

I realize I am roughly two days behind with my announcement about the new name of the blog and I apologize, but I've run into a bit of a problem in that Bruno Mars wouldn't give me the thirty second spot that I requested during halftime unless I paid 4 million dollars for it.  Which, if I had 4 million dollars do you really think I would be wasting my time blogging about saving my family money by using up the food we have in our house? Well, sorry I wouldn't be.  I would be on safari in Africa while a nanny cared for my husband and children and various animals.  I would not be trudging through waist deep snow to feed our chickens every morning, wiping people's butts on demand while counting toilet paper squares and tending to a fire in order to keep the pipes from freezing. 

We would also have a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a gardener and a pool boy. And we don't have a pool either, he would just be nice eye candy for me.  If I could afford 4 million dollars, would we be eating ramen noodles for every single meal, Bruno?  I think not. So while I truly love your song about the amazing woman (or I guess technically Girl) and I totally wish that my husband would serenade me with that song, "Say Anything" style with a boom box outside our bedroom window, I am really upset that you wouldn't approve my announcement about my super cool blog during your halftime show ( I mean it was only 30 seconds I needed) and just because I don't have 4 million dollars.  By the way, I could really use just a couple bucks to get home from the library because we are almost out of gas. 

Readers I promise you the votes did count and the announcement will be soon, very soon. But I have to think of an equally awesome way of doing it and the Super Bowl is hard to match.  Bruno does owe me a call back so maybe we can work something out.

Vern out

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