Thursday, July 23, 2015

Music makes me happy

I was at Taylor's Chicago concert Saturday and she talked about how music can make us feel happier and inspire people and it is so TRUE! She is so wise and humble!  I truly felt like she was talking to me when she shared her insight with the crowd of 50,000+ at Soldier Field!

This picture makes me smile.  It lights up my soul and just makes me feel happy all over! HAPPY!!! I guess maybe, just maybe, I am obsessed.  I really LOVE both of their music so much!   I can be in a piss poor, foul, mood and having the worst day and then "Photograph" or "Shake it off" come on the radio and I am instantly transformed into a happier, lighter, better, version of myself!   My kids know this to be true.  My husband believes in this; in fact, he believes  so deeply we are actually planning a super cool, hard core, 12-hour road trip to see Ed in D.C. for my birthday just so I will be in a good mood for the occasion!  It is the last time I get to turn 30 something so it is kind of a big deal!!!  The only thing that could improve the occasion would be if Taylor showed up to sing, "I just want to know you better" with Ed for my special day!!!!  That would be the absolute BEST!!!

Oh and by the way, I really hope there is never a term Swieran or Taylor"Ed" but seriously these are two of my most favoritest artistist/musicians. And they are both cat people too. And having worked in the animal welfare industry for over a decade this fact is very important.  Cat people never really relate well to us dog people!  I love my cat too though don't get me wrong.  Gus is an amazingly social cat and I love him dearly, but alas I am still a dog person at heart! And they are both so down to earth for famous people. Seriously. Down. To. Earth.

And their music, yes their music, just speaks to my heart and soul. So if they ended up together that would be so cool, but a term should never be created to describe them together because they are both such unique and awesome individuals.  They are both so damn special and becoming TaylorEd or Swieran would be disastrous!

 That is all.

PS Oh and I still hate television and I still believe Chester, my chest freezer, somehow reproduces asexually which continues to challenge me in the realm of emptying his contents.

PPS I invited Ed to sing the national anthem at Brainy Day 5K in August!  I sent him a message on his facebook page so I am pretty sure I will get to meet him then, but otherwise September for sure!

Vern out

Saturday, July 4, 2015


This sucks I accidentally published this post when I was really planning to just start a new story about the throw away society in which I reside.  And now I can't figure out how to unpublish it and I am again annoyed with technology...Anyhow, I really hate waste.  Our society is nothing if not wasteful.  So my kids are accustomed to hearing things like "finish your food", "we are having leftovers" and "no we are not going to buy that because we don't need it"

PS SO finish your vegetables people and have a happy Fourth of July weekend!

PPS And for Pete's sake don't take so much of that because you will never finish it.

PPPS take that you silly blog that self published my not yet constructed story.  I finished it in under three minutes and it is still entertaining.

Vern Out

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still alive eh!?

Yes I am still alive and yes I am still trying to empty my pantry. Oh and while I am at it I am also attempting to empty my chest freezer, Chester.  A girl's gotta have goals.  So first of all, I wanted my faithful followers to know I am alive and mostly well.  Secondly I wanted to share a quick story.  And finally I needed to confess my latest shopping binge.  Let's get started!

Happy Canada Day!  So confession first,  I totally shopped last night for the ingredients to make Nanaimo Bars in celebration of Canada Day (for those of you who have no idea what the hell a Nanaimo Bar is (which was me until 9 o'clock last night); they are a traditional Canadian dessert.  I have since learned that in short, they are a taste of heaven.  A buttery, chocolatey coconutty, taste of heaven.  They are Rich in flavor (and probably calories) and very, very, very, very, yummy.  There are many different versions of these treats.  I chose ones with almonds and coconut because I like almonds and coconut!  Did I mention they are very yummy!?  Check em out!

So how exactly did I end up dressed in Mittens in July wearing my red and white with some crazy yummy bars I had never heard of until yesterday!?  Good question.  Well we recently hired a Canadian transplant at work so now that I work with a Canadian I figured I need to be respectful of her so when I learned (yesterday) that today was Canada Day, I decided to go all out for the occasion!  I am wearing red and white and my mittens from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and I will be eating some of those delicious bars shortly.  Heck I may even run through KFC and request some poutine if I get really ambitious!  Apparently they will prepare it if requested in the US and in Canada it is a menu favorite!

Vern Out