Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chocolate themed breakfast rocks!

I am pretty sure my 4-year old now thinks I am the coolest mom ever this morning and I have to admit that feels pretty darn good.  Yesterday we had a repeat play date with the same two girls as the misfortunate lunching incident a few weeks ago and this time I was armed with Mac n Cheese (back story to this development.  We were having friends to dinner a couple weeks ago and I bought one box of Mac n Cheese as a back-up in case their kids didnt like Carbonara.  They loved it so the box was still hanging in the pantry just waiting for such an occasion).  So we had a PERFECT play date this time it was not tarnished with a lack of proper kid's foods.  We had an orange colored lunch theme too: mac and cheese and oranges!  But the best part of the play date came after lunch when we hit the pool, or technically my jetted bath tub!  But first we had a five minute jumping on Mom's bed gig and danced to the music of Barbie Pink Shoes Video.  And all this fun from the comfort of our very own home!
 Jumping on beds sure is hard work.  No wonder it is strictly prohibited on most days!


 The Barbie Pool Party was epic and elevated my status level
among 4-year old girls! 

Three girls, six barbies and tons of water.  They also had fresh beverages (chocolate milk) served by me the drink master and live entertainment (AKA mom dancing and singing to the top 40 music playing on the radio).  There are no photos or videos of my singing or dancing and this is on purpose because it wasn't pretty people. So while I fully admit such videos or photos would probably be entertaining to you, I had to preserve a small shredd of my dignity.  While it was not even a little pretty, the 4-year olds sure ate it up!

Last night we ran out of Peanut Butter and you read about that if you read PBJ's. If you didn't read it yet go do that and come back so I get the statistics boosted for that one! Elevator music plays in the background for about three minutes as you read...Nice job and now you better understand my current peanut butter crisis!

Then this morning while still mourning for the loss of my favorite food, I had a couple brilliant ideas.  The first was doing a chocolate themed breakfast for Hazel in hopes of getting her excited about Bible Study since she had informed me that "she is too tired to leave the house today" and she was going to "need to be in her pajamas all day long".  She was so dramatic with her announcement that she may have a future in the entertainment industry yet even though she is completely tone deaf and dances like a drunk monkey!

Hershey's Chocolate is the best especially since we have three commercial sized bottles of it in the pantry!  Drink up, Hazel.  There is plenty more chocolate milk to be mixed!

I dreamed about peanut butter (and about President Obama being killed in an unfortunate  bobsledding accident at the olympics, but that was just weird) and the peanut butter dream was much better.  It was wonderful and delicious and inspiring.  I was swimming in the melty sweet stuff, eating it from fountains and the very best part... there were islands made of crackers to put all that glorious peanut butter on (oh and I looked okay in my swimsuit)!  I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS! 

I woke up from my strange night of dreams (I attribute the dreams to the cough medicine I have been taking to help me sleep better) thinking first that I probably should discontinue taking cough medicine to help me sleep because it is giving me some vividly strange dreams and second that I was going to ask my husband to buy me some peanut butter.  And the timing couldn't be better because I totally asked for the peanut butter this morning for my Valentine's gift from Jeff.  Geez he gets off the hook easy this year.  Oh well, he can't not get it since it is what I asked for and since I am absolutely certain he has no gift (nor gift ideas) for me at this time. And you know since Valentine's Day is less than forty eight hours away!  Gosh I am smart sometimes.  I can't wait for Valentine's Day now!

Vern Out

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