Monday, February 10, 2014

Not funny

It seems the stuffy nose/cold thing I have has zapped all of the funny out of me.  It also has stolen my appetite... so I am not hungry... so I am not cooking... so my family will be eating the ramen noodles for the unforeseen future....possibly forever...  That is all. 

PS a test on Facebook also just told me I should continue popping babies out indefinitely because I was made for making babies. This recommendation was based on the fact that according to the answers I provided the quiz our house is a wreck (and it doesn't bother me), I don't care about privacy or personal hygiene, vomit and other bodily fluids don't make me ill and I love babies.  Pretty sure more babies would push me over the edge at this point in the game although I did always want to have a fourth!

PPS I am going to go teach my 4-year old the culinary art form of making ramen noodles so that I don't have to cook those either!

PPPS Just kidding please don't call child protective services.

Vern Out

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