Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nuts! And I am not talking about the ones that grow in nature!

I deliberated whether to bring up crazy again so soon after my last rant about it, but after last night's dinner I really had no choice.  And this time I was the one who was probably labeled as crazy, bonkers, nuts or insane.  And I probably deserved it... this time! 

So after I signed off yesterday still uncertain as to what I could feed my family without a shopping trip being involved (and with less than a half hour to figure it all out I might add) I must admit I went a little crazy.  If looks could kill I'd be dead because Jeff gave me quite a look when he sat down to dinner!

Here's what was on the menu: Bon Appetit!

The salad was a platter that combined all fruits and vegetables found in our house cleaned and arranged nicely by my 7-year old to look like a smiley face!  Seriously she is going to be an artist or something when she grows up!  I have pictures that I will attach next time I am on-line!  Since I came to the library to get on-line today because we still generally live in the 20th Century at our house, I was ill prepared for photo sharing.  I will try to do better next time, but it was really, really good.

The appetizer was leftover pizza rolls (a friend brought them to a playdate some weeks ago and they have been taking up valuable freezer space since) so I definitely scored some points with this one.  I both created more space in the freezer and fed my family a fun food that we never buy and that has pizza in the title. Enough said.

The main course a very small serving of leftover baked spaghetti with one of the final shrimp empanadas also from our freezer and also leftover from a past party we had over the holidays.  It was a small meal, but in this instance size does not matter!

The vegetable and this one my kids LOVED the very most was popcorn (the kind that has caramel, butter and cheese popcorn all mixed together).  I don't remember what that's called, but that is what our vegetable was. It was the favorite part of the meal for sure.

All in all this was an absolute culinary nightmare, but my family ate and in some parts of the world this isn't true and people go hungry. I actually think it was a somewhat balanced meal and it was kind of fun so given the opportunity to do it over I think I would actually do it all the same even if it does make me a crazy lady!

Vern Our

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