Tuesday, January 28, 2014

But wait there's more

Just when I thought I was done cheating in the words of Brittany "Oops I did it again".  I went shopping and bought a few extra things; I got some eggs, icecream and cream cheese.  Not too bad, but definitely still cheating.  I also stole. Just a couple cheese sticks from my in-law's refrigerator, but I didnt ask first so it's technically still stealing.  So I totally owe them some cheese sticks when this little challenge is over.  I will just think of it as a loan.  A two cheese stick loan!
The in-laws are in Colorado skiing so I dont think they will miss them. And it was totally worth it because I turned them into my own caprese salad.  I realize that a string cheese stick is probably the very worst quality of mozzarella cheese you can find, but when you add fresh basil and tomato to it the result is heavenly. 

The eggs were on sale for 77 cents this week at my local grocery store and while I love my chickens they are worthless during this arctic blast.  If it gets too cold, chickens totally go on egg laying strike and they've been striking for awhile now. I wish there was a chicken union and I could prevent this uprising, but alas there is none and I am stuck living without eggs or cheating.  I decided to cheat.

I bought the cream cheese to use in various recipes.  You know the ones that are just so much better with it than without and because it was on sale and this girl loves a good deal!

Explanation as to why anyone in their right mind would buy icecream amid this current weather situation will be a little more difficult to explain, but I shall try.  You see when Jeff and I got married we had a three prong approach to marriage.  Yes our marriage was built upon three simple principles; they involve television useage, icecream consumption and our sex life. We would never pay for television. Not never.  We would always have a lot of sex (and only with each other) and we would remain faithful to our share loved for icecream.  When we took our vows nearly ten years ago now, we promised to do these things for better or worse.  So I bought the icecream in order to preserve our marriage as we were nearly out of it and even if it's 30 below windchill you can bet we will be snuggled up eating icecream a couple nights a week! 

The final tidbit I must share is that my ironing lesson got rescheduled due to the bitter cold for Friday when it's supposed to be a balmy 17 so I am still ignorant with the iron. In an attempt to be a good wife and prove more convincingly that I am not trying to murder my husband, I did clean our van this afternoon because Jeff is borrowing it tomorrow to drive a bunch of his coworkes to a training conference.  The funny part of this story is that I had to wear my mad bomber hat because it was so stinking cold in our garage and I forgot I had it on until the kids said "mom why are you wearing that funny hat in the house".   I had been back inside for a couple hours at that point in time, but I had been too busy cleaning house to notice the hat atop my head.  You know since I am such a good housewife I am always busy cleaning something.  I am still looking forward to my rescheduled training session friday to help me fine tune my domestic skills.  i realize there is always room for improvement!

Vern Out

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