Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Decisions, decisions

Okay now that my writer's block seems to have gone away, here's my next little food related adventure.  Today I had three, yes count them three, 4-year old girls over to play.  Well technically we had two girls over to play which when combined with my daughter Hazel totaled 3. Two plus one equals three...basic math. I know it's an odd number so it totally shouldn't have worked at all.  Everyone knows you go with even numbers when planning play time so that everyone is paired up.  There should have been fighting and disagreements and dramatic complaints brought to me (aka the complaint resolution center) about whichever girl was feeling left out or was mad about whatever stupid toy they decided to fight over.  Oh and whining there should have been lots of whining. It really should have been a complete and utter disaster.

 Except here's the thing, it totally worked except for one thing.  Lunch.  I obviously haven't shopped much lately what with my freezer and pantry cleanse program that I am on and there was no way I was sacrificing one of the pizzas I just purchased at Sam's Club during my brief shopping moment of weakness last week for a 4-year old playdate.  Clearly the value of said pizza is priceless during this time of limited groceries. It will be utilized when I have PMS and the very thought of preparing a meal for my unappreciative family is enough to push me over the edge thereby resulting in me eating all of the candy out of the candy jar in the pantry.ALONE while my kids whine from the outside because even the pantry is not sacred ground for mothers with PMS.  I will not allow this to happen as I will be armed with a frozen pizza when we get to this point in time.

  Anyhow, the point to all of this background information is that I am out of all of the essential kid foods required for such an important playdate.  No Mac and Cheese. No PBJs available today (we need bread which we will buy tomorrow, but today we are out) So here is what I did and it's good advice that I picked up from a friend some years ago.  Krista thanks for this tidbit.  I faked it til I maked it.  I know it's bad English, but hang with me for a minute because it will all make sense soon.

  I decided to try to pawn a leftover can of spaghettios (we purchased them as camping food last summer with visions of lovingly roasting them over the rustic campfire one night with our children and enjoying them as we made priceless camping memories that would last a lifetime.)  When we purchased them we thought they would serve as a welcome reprieve from hotdogs.  Except here is the thing when it comes to camping with our kids they only want to eat two maybe three foods;  Hotdogs, pizza sandwiches and samores.  That's it.  They want nothing else although I occasionally trick them into eat a stray peice of fruit or vegetable in an effort to provide some means of nutrition.  So anyhow, this very can has been staring at me since this challenge began, taunting me, daring me to try to get the kids to eat it so today I decided was the time.  In my mind, I thought of course these three girls who have played so well together for the past few hours will LOVE spaghettios. When I was a kid I LOVED them.  All kids love them right?  WRONG.  All it took was one of them saying "YUCK. I dont like those" and that mentality spread like wildfire and I was F*C*ed" .   Anyhow, I fed them fruit, carrot sticks and cheese which in retrospect was much more nutritional than spaghettios anyways and I called it good.  They didn't complain so I count it as a victory.  And guess what? I had the spaghettios for lunch so they are no longer there taunting me. 

PS    Spaghettios are not as good as I recollected from my fond childhood memories.

PPS     I still have no idea what to serve for dinner tonight and its nearly 4:30PM.

PPPS    There is one more can of ravioli in the pantry which may become dinner unless I think of something better soon.

PPPPS   I still have not shopped other than that mishap at Sam's Club last week!

Vern Out

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