Saturday, January 25, 2014

Smiley face vegetable platters are the best

As promised, the photo of Kara's famous Vegetable Smiley Face Platter is finally here! 
It is a masterpiece and so is she!

Editor's Note our camera broke shortly after this photo was taken so if it's blurry, it is probably the quality of picture not your eyes!

Kara and the Happy Face Veggie Platter! It was the highlight of our meal that night...either that or the popcorn for our vegebetable. I guess it would be a tie maybe because popcorn for a vegetable is just too fun and yummy!

Last night I cooked a real meal!  I know it is unusual these days.  Jeff had to pick his jaw off the floor when he arrived home to a fresh, home-cooked meal. But I actually had everything I needed for a real, Cambell's recipe card, meal and I was in the cooking mood!  I splurged shopping too and bought Jeff a bag of chips and a box of stove top stuffing.  Wow, maybe I am crazy if that is splurging!  The chips are for his lunch as he nearly finished up the ones I gave him for Christmas and the stuffing was to make the recipe complete.  It calls for stuffing on top and I know Jeff prefers it with the stuffing although recently I have been making it without because we have been out of stuffing for months now.  More proof that I am not trying to kill him.  Would a wife trying to kill her husband, go out of the way and break the rules to make a meal "just the way he likes it?"  I think not! 
Vern Out

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