Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's voting day people!

Okay so many times your vote doesn't really make a difference and voting can become frustrating and discouraging.  I have been there and I understand your feelings about voting.  I truly feel your pain...Don't even get me started on the democratic process; I could ramble on about that for hours.  But you are about to have a very empowering voting experience!  I promise.  If you vote, I guarantee you it will count! It will make a difference and it will be a cool story to tell your kids and your grandkids because I totally plan to become famous and then someday you will able to say "I voted on the name of her famous blog back when it was a no-name, second rate, production".  You will continue with something along the lines of  "Yes, kids I voted for it back before the Today's Show and Ellen even knew it exists And by the way it was a crazy blizzard out and I had to walk both ways up hill in order to vote.".  And you will feel really cool that you were involved before I got all famous. SO VOTE!  I am looking to rename this blog since "Live Simply" is pretty bland and I am anything but bland.  The choices listed below are a few I came up with, but feel free to do the write in approach as well! 

Voting Rules:  You will need to leave a comment in order to vote either on here or on facebook.  You can only vote once (although I honestly am not all that technically savvy so if you vote multiple times in a sneaky way I probably won't figure it out) and you have to vote by February 1st because I plan to annouce the winning name at half time of the Super Bowl Game (on the big stage you know) and that will give me time to manually count the hundreds of votes before game time!  Here are the options.

1.  Crazy or Not, Here I Come!

2.  What's Between My Ears

3.  Constantine's Craze

4.  The Space Between my Ears

5.  _________________________________write in ballot

Happy Voting!  I wish I could give you all the cool stickers that say "I voted" but that would get logistically difficult given my lack of knowledge about and access to modern technology and the current weather conditions outside my window wouldn't help either so you will have to make your own! Get to work!

Meanwhile on the FOOD FRONT...
We had leftovers for dinner which was fantastic because I didnt break any rules or steal a single food item in order to feed my family.   Brilliant!  And as a bonus everyone had a fairly nutritional meal and left the table with full bellies. The one uncool part of this is that now I have to figure something out to feed the family tonight and the fridge is empty, the cupboards are getting pretty bare and the freezer is getting low too.  Anyhow, after dinner I decided to keep my cleaning momentum going and I cleaned out our fridge. It was... interesting.   The disturbing part of last night's story (because there is always something disturbing or shocking going on in my life) is that I sorted through all the random bottles of opened sauces and dressings in the fridge.  I found that while the aforementioned ranch dressing was the worst violator of the traditional expiration date system (highly regarded by society as an effective means of avoiding accidental poisonings of family members or guests) there were several other bottles that were serious violators:  Italian Dressing-Expiration Date of June 2012, Ceasar Dressing Expiration date of March 2013, Poppyseed Dressing Expiration Date of February 2013 and Raspberry Syrup Expiration of February 2011 (this raspberry syrup came in a close second to the infamous ranch dressing losing out by just 1 month in the expiration day olympics!)  Now there's some cheap entertainment!

PS I found a partially used case of ramen noodles in the basement food storage area while cleaning yesterday (it is not expired either in case you were concerned) so my kids had them for lunch yesterday and Kara has them packed in her thermos for lunch today.  I think it's safe to say, there will be a lot of ramen noodle consumption in the coming days.

Anyhow, get out there and vote.  No on second thought, sit down and vote! 

Vern out

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