Friday, March 14, 2014

The curse of Sam's Club

Apparently I am unable to shop at Sam's Club without completely  blowing it with the grocery challenge.  I had to go there for dogfood yesterday and suffice it to say I left with many "unacceptable" items in addition to my dog food.  On a positive note, at least I didnt forget the dog food which in my world does not go without saying!   I bought fruits, vegetables and milk which were all acceptable.  I also bought yogurt, cheese (yes it is more gouda too), chips, lunchmeat, oatmeal and nutella; none of which jive with the self inflicted rules of my grocery gig.

 Bon Appetit!  Dinner at our house is always interesting these days!
My culinary masterpiece= Hazel's Birthday Cake. 
Baked with love (and fresh ingredients) Just before the challenge started!

Now there is actually a legit reason for all of these extra "luxury" items that I bought.  I accepted a part-time job! Therefore, I will be packing more lunches for the kids so I needed to stock up on lunch supplies. The oatmeal is for breakfast because Hazel begged for it and I was weak and caved.  I also spent $10 at the dollar store on various snack items because the snack bin was nearly empty and the kids have taken apples for snack enough that they are teased by their classmates and I needed to put an end to the abuse!  Oh and I also had to stop my husband from complaining about his lunches and how they keep shrinking.  So now everyone should be happy and I can go to work with a smaller piece of luggage packed for my upcoming mommy "guilt trip".

Oh and I totally was super thankful that I cheated and bought those pizzas last time I went to Sam's Club too because I had a house full of extra kids last weekend and I used two of them to feed the masses.  So yes I curse Sam's Club and feel extremely thankful for the establishment in the same breath.  I am just a contradiction of emotions on so many levels these days.  However, I plan to stay away from Sam's Club until my thyroid pills run out again to avoid more unnecessary purchases!

PS The chickens are apparently happy about the time change and the longer days because they are now laying several eggs a day!

PPS I no longer have to walk through waist deep snow in order to care for the chickens!

PPPS I think this means spring is actually coming soon!

PPPPS I am not a meteorologist so I could totally be wrong and we could get a new fresh foot or two by day's end. 

PPPPPS if we do get another foot of snow anytime this spring, I am going on strike with the chickens this time!

Vern Out

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