Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teethy grin

Today I am choosing to be thankful and to complain about absolutely nothing.  Nada.  And other than a grocery shopping spree with Kara yesterday (more on that shortly), I am still avoiding grocery stores like they are infested with bed bugs or as if the plague were running rampant inside their very walls. So tonight I am getting creative in the pantry or digging deep down in the freezer for dinner!  This recent surge of sheer positivity is the result of one singular phone call.  Isn't it amazing how much impact one phone call can have?

The  call that every parent dreads, but that we all likely get at some point in time that reminds us gently of what is actually important.  Yesterday I was finally curling up with Hazel to watch the Sound of Music for the gazzillionth time (for Hazel anyhow) when that call came. Yes I had just covered up with a nice warm quilt to finally relax after a very busy morning when my cell phone rang and altered the course of our day. We didn't watch the Sound of Music for the gazillioneth time, instead we ran around ensuring that Kara's needs were met. 

When the phone rang, I recognized the number as the school's so I figured someone was sick .  I didn't expect to hear, "Kara has had an accident.She is okay, but she fell. her face is cut. and there is a lot of blood so we really need you to come and check her out"  I knew that she was okay, alive, conscious even, but I wasn't sure how badly the injuries were. I didn't know if we would be rushing off to the hospital or if she would have permanent scars. And sometimes it's what you don't know that is the toughest to handle.  It really did serve as a reminder of what's important.  Family. Love. Children. Health.  These things are important.  Silly superficial and materialistic stuff is not. 

Praise the Lord that Kara's injuries were not as bad as they looked initially.  They were themselves superficial and her beautiful face will be fine with time and healing.  Today she has bruising on her chin, cuts on her bottom lip and her front teeth are still a bit wiggly, but she is going to be fine and her teeth are still inside her mouth!

Once we visited the dentist, I decided to stock up on foods that Kara might be able to eat in her damaged state.  I let her buy anything that sounded good and that was soft enough to eat without much chewing so we bought a bunch of stuff that is not part of the shopping deal.  Given the situation, I felt it was the best way to help her feel better and to make sure she had something to eat for lunch today. 

Tonight, as I already said, I got creative and since we have an abundance of farm fresh eggs I decided to do breakfast for supper.  This decision allowed me to rid the freezer of some severely outdated hashbrowns. Oh and to nourish my family and help continue the development of our digestive bacterial flora of course.  We had blueberry pancakes, mini egg sandwiches and the infamous hashbrowns.  It was a great meal and Kara was even able to eat the eggs and pancakes!
Kara poses a few weeks ago in the igloo we built!

 The seriously outdated hashbrowns were a hit!
 Yes your eyes are just fine this does read Jul 21 2013 expiration date!
Expired hashbrowns, it's what's for dinner!

Vern Out

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  1. girrrrrrl, ain't nothing wrong with a badass facial scar! XO