Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The anti germaphobe

I am not afraid of germs.  I am actually the anti-germaphobe. I eat germs for breakfast, lunch and dinner especially these days amidst the grocery challenge. The way I see it, each time we forget, or better yet, choose not to use hand sanitizer, I am helping to build my children's natural immune systems.  And I think that dirt and bacteria in moderation actually leads to healthier and heartier people.  There is actually scientific research that suggests this as well so I am not totally out in left field with this proclamation!

So anyhow this little food challenge with all the outdated dressings and the expired foods from the pantry (oh and 11 year old halibut) is actually helping us to not only save money, but to actually be healthier...long term at least.  Food poisoning is a short term result people, but building up a gut bacteria flora that can sustain my family's digestive health into the next decade is priceless.  The way I see it I am doing my family a favor by serving them foods of questionable bacteria count levels.  Anyhow, this little factoid is brought to you by Activia...just kidding they hate me because I can produce what they spend millions trying to replicate everyday by simply using up the ancient food in our house!

Wow!  I am so surprised we are all still alive!

This one is dedicated to my sister, Miranda.  The other anti-germaphobe in my life!  I love you and your love of dirt, poop and other sinister and bacteria laden materials.  YOU ROCK!

Vern and Hazel Out

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