Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Mop Story Part Deux

I have forgiven my husband for all his idiotic doings of the past!  Every. Last. One. Even when he told me he sometimes ignores me when I talk because I talk a lot.  I even forgive him for that.  This recent boom of generous forgiveness happened because he solved the mop problem for me.  All the mop stress and anxiety is gone!  I slept for nine hours straight last night without any mop related interruptions.  It was AHHHMAZING!

Apparently yesterday while he was possibly doing drugs and definitely bored out of his mind, he actually listened to me when I explained that we had to own a mop by Friday because he went ahead and solved that problem too!  He fixed up a second hand mop that he has had hidden away for at least the past two years in his man cave, pole barn!  Who knew!!? I sure didn't.  Now I am left feeling betrayed, but thankful that the mop stress is GONE.  We have been married for nearly eleven years and I really don't even know the man.  Betrayal starts in simple forms people...first it is failing to mention that we own a mop and the next thing you know he has a cocktail waitress girlfriend on the side and her boobs are bigger than mine.  Just sayin'

Even with all of that, feeling betrayed about a mop, sure feels better than being stressed out about mop shopping.  Right or wrong I have forgiven him for the past and even for the mop deceit because I do feel it was likely a benign act. So I feel like our life together is finally starting with a clean slate and now possibly with clean floors too.  I am still a little upset the mop wasn't mentioned in previous conversations, but maybe he realized I was not going to use it so he felt it was useless information to share with me.  That is completely possible. Likely even because he knows how I feel about mops.

PS the adoption paperwork for the mop is in the works so once it is finalized I will be the proud mother of a mop!  There will be a formal announcement once we work through all of this adoption bureaucracy.  I tell you this process is quite involved.  You would think I was adopting a real kid or something!

That is all... no pictures just a quick update!

Vern Out

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