Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Operation Fruit Kabob Turkey

Perhaps the only thing worse for this little no shopping challenge than me going to Sam's Club is...
... well it's my husband going to Sam's Club.

Lord help us; we may never empty Chester at this rate!

Today, since it was raining buckets and cold as heck, my husband headed to Sam's Club. He doesn't really grocery shop much so this was a big deal!  He had planned to spend the day in the out-of-doors: hunting and doing chores, but the weather was not cooperating. You see, he works for the County and those cushy County employees get Veteran's Day off. Me I had to work, but Jeff he had the day off!  And he had GRAND plans so he was not happy with Mother Nature and he must have been desperately bored (or possibly doing drugs) because he called and offered to do any chores I needed done.  He doesn't really call me EVER nor does he offer me assistance so the drug theory may be legit (just kidding).  Well, I went ahead and counted the offering as a blessing (initially) because he offered to help me. And he actually did what I asked of him... without complaint so in these regards it was a true blessing.

Yes, he got the supplies to create an amazing Fruit and Cheese Kabob Turkey for Hazel's birthday treat tomorrow. In an attempt to look like a mom that has her act together after the Halloween Incident (another story another day) I wanted to do a cool school treat. I hadn't yet made it to the store to buy the supplies so I did need them today.  SO SUCCESS!  He got the necessary supplies (fruit and cheese)! However, he strayed quite significantly from the list of approved shopping items on his Sam's Club outing:

Check it OUT!!!

In addition to fruit and cheese, he also bought fish sticks, fish fillets, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, chicken chimichangas and an assortment of chips. I think we may honestly have a bag of every type of chips that Sam's Club actually carries (no I am not kidding)! Wait this may be further support of the drug theory!!! He had a serious case of the MUNCHIES YIKES!!!  In total it was $120 of mostly processed foods. Even more disturbing, was the significant inventory deposit for Chester (our chest freezer). I was not so happy about this little development given that I am on a year-long mission to empty Chester and then Jeff goes and adds a bunch of junk to him.  What the heck!?

However, he redeemed himself when he helped me make this fantastic treat for Hazel's Fifth Birthday. Since I find myself once again an emotional wreck this week (because my baby is not just in kindergarten now, but she is also FIVE YEARS OLD). Can you believe it?  Five years!! I need all the help I can get this week because the speed at which life is happening these days is very sad to me!  And while the turkey isn't completely assembling at this time, it is coming along nicely. I feel confident that it will look just like the one I found on Facebook.

   Mine won't be this spectacular,I am just hoping it is half as cool!!!

Tom, the fruit Kabob Turkey!  Say Cheese, Tom!
 The kabob production.  I only stabbed myself once...and I made one with Smoked Gouda for Hazel's Teacher!

Close up: This shows the placement of the head in relation to the body!  SHEER PERFECTION! I totally nailed the turkey anatomy with this one!

Happy Veteran's Day Everyone!
Happy Birthday Hazel!  Mommy Loves you!

Vern Out

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