Thursday, November 13, 2014

Old man winter...

I was completely ill-prepared for this morning's snowfall.  Mice nest found in Kara's boots at 7:35 a.m. unprepared. How was that even possible? Mice nests in boots, I mean?   I do understand how mice build nests; I am a biologist for Pete's sake so I understand that a kid's boot is certainly ideal habitat for mice and other small rodents when it gets cold out. But how did we get mice nests in the boots and me not realize it until this morning? I don't get that.  As a result, it was a rough and challenging morning.

This is not the nest I removed from Kara's boot, but it the one that resembles it the most.

And I had heard the weathermen's warnings that snow was on the way so I should have been better prepared.  The problem was I didn't really listen too much to their predictions.  Weathermen get it wrong so often that I totally dismissed their advice.  I figured we would get a light dusting of the white stuff probably not until later in the morning after the kids were safely at school anyways and that all would be well.  Boy was I wrong!

This was all so ironic too because in *Bible Club this week we learned about the times in history when men have chosen to ignore God's words of advice;  it generally hasn't worked out well for those who ignore God.

PS Maybe it's a sin to call it Bible Club, but I like it.

Moral to this story is listen to wise advice especially from God and forget the rest!

*Bible club is what we have affectionately named our Bible Study because it makes it seem more about the FUN and less about the ACADEMIA and we believe spiritual growth should be FUN!  

Vern Out

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