Saturday, May 31, 2014

The sleepover snafu

There is nothing like an 8-year old girl's sleepover to make you blow it when you are on a shopping diet like ours.   But our eldest, Kara, turned 8 yesterday and it was totally worth the cheating to see how excited she was for the party.  Could we have figured out a way to avoid shopping? Probably. But it would have been kind of lame and we probably would have been forced to serve ramen noodles and expired popcorn to our guests.  There would have been no tie dyed cake, no pop and certainly no pizza for dinner last night.  So I am glad we cheated yet again. It was totally worth it!  We bought pizza, pop and snacks and none of it was stale or expired.  I even really splurged by picking up a dozen donuts on the way home from they were not day olds either, they were literally fresh out of the oven at Wesco.   So I really thought I had all my bases covered.  I felt prepared, confident even.  I even picked up dollar store balloons for the guests and they are tie dyed to match the cake. I know.  Like I said, I was prepared.

  Matching balloons the sure sign of a prepared woman!

 The cake fresh from and...
 I purchased one for every other member our family
so that I am prepared for all 2014! Just planning ahead!
 Monster Pancakes!   Frighteningly delicious.
All and all successful,
but I am sure glad Super Dad showed up to rescue me!

However, when Kara requested Monster Pancakes for breakfast (and I approved it) I didnt realize that we were almost out of flour and that were completely out of syrup which is pretty much essential when consuming monster pancakes.  So my husband came to the rescue.  Not unlike a super hero himself (which BTW was the theme at Relay for Life this year there were various people sporting various super hero costumes which was quite entertaining), my husband ran around gathering flour and syrup from his parent's house (thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the loan) and a short time later we finally dined on some excellent Monster Pancakes, Smokey Links and donuts.  It was amazing and the girls love all of the food.  And now I hope to avoid shopping for a very long time.

PS In an attempt to make sure I had properly spelled snafu, I just learned that Snafu is a military term that means "situation normal: all f*cked up". I had no idea.   Sidenote Snafu is also the name of an English rhythm and blues band from the 1970s.  Just trying to help educate my followers. Oh wait I dont have any of those!!!

Vern Out

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