Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hearts of Palm

Time is flying by way too fast these days.  I can not believe it is already Mother's Day and that Mother's Day is nearly over.  Where the heck did my special day go? Before I know it, school will be out too and I will be the proud mother of a 3rd, 1st and preschooler.  Crazy.

Anywhoo, my eating, and more importantly my shopping habits, of recent have been rather dull.  As you know, I have been eating all of my healthy food choices the past couple of weeks in preparation for the 5th 3rd Riverbank Run  As a result, I haven't shopped in awhile.  But it was not completely without success, as I didn't die when I ran and actually finished the 5th 3rd Riverbank Run yesterday (2:19:49 for those who care).

This morning I was surprised with a trip to the Spa de la Constantino. And let me tell you that place is luxurious. First class. Five-star.  Out-of-this-world.  It really was grand!   I could barely roll my poor, damaged and aching body out of bed because I felt like a ninety year old who had run an ultra marathon, instead of a 37 year old who had merely run 15 miles, I did manage to get out of bed because I was scheduled for this fabulous spa treatment with my 7,5, and 4 year old children. And I was not about to disappoint them.  Not on Mother's Day.  Not on my watch.  So I sucked it up and went to the spa that was set up in my bathroom by children. 

But don't worry, it was way better than it sounds.  Maybe my kids have been sneaking around attending massage therapist classes or something because they actually did pretty well.  I could actually feel the stress and tension leave my body as I soaked in the hot tub and the full body massage was absolutely to... die... for.  Then once my body had been properly revitalized, I was off to the Constantine Diner.  The food there was AMAZING. I had the Bacon Egg and you guessed it, Gouda sandwich with home-made mustard (I might have made it myself, but at least I didnt have to make the sandwich).   It really was a delightful meal. Check it out!

 HI my name is Veronica...
and I have a problem...
I can't stop eating Gouda!
So after all of my relaxing activities, I was exhausted.  For real, my body was dog tired so I was feeling completely unambitious.  Shockingly my husband did the dishes and post breakfast decontamination of the table.  Seriously he doesnt do dishes like ever so I think I had to literally pick my jaw off the ground when he did that.  It might be broken, but I didnt have time to go to the med center to have it checked out because it was time for presents.  Anyhow, once he went and surprised me by doing dishes, I figured I would surprise him myself by cleaning something (two people can play this little game) and I went in the pantry to tidy up.  I discovered a few things . The pantry is getting really, really, really bare.  The pantry is getting really, really dirty and that we still have several out dated items in our pantry.  If you found the halibut story disturbing, you may want to quit reading now...
I found this can which I realize looks innocuous enough, but which actually expired in February of 2003.  It may actually be considered Haz Mat by now I'm not sure.  When I bought it, it was with the best of intentions to make some fancy recipe a long, long time ago (based on the expiration date I would say roughly a decade ago) and clearly I never made the recipe. **Hearts of Palm are also known as swamp cabbage, chonta, palm cabbage and are harvested from the inner core of certain palm trees. To be completely honest, I am kind of surprised that the can lasted this long and kind of disturbed that it lasted this long too. So my new mission in life is to find a recipe that will  allow me to use this one up!  Stay tuned for that story.

 Some things get better with age.  Wine, Cheese...
 I am not sure that Hearts of Palm made the list

I also did a couple loads of laundry and hung it on our clothes line because I full well intend to save the world one load at a time.  And it was perfect laundry weather today windy and warm.  So even though it pained me greatly, I being of sound mind (okay maybe not, but it sounds good). I being completely bonkers, hung laundry on our lines today despite feeling like an old decrepit woman.
Mother Nature's Dryer...Nature Rocks!!! 
For more on the Nature Rocks theory visit these workouts are a great way to get out in Nature.  I usually take my mother-in-law every Mother's Day but she is on vacation this year so we didn't go. Super fun.  Super great workout!  As a bonus, there are also Ecotrek Whole Food Bars that are amazing.  I may occasionally cheat and buy these bars for a breakfast or quick fuel up before a long run, but I will deny it if you ask me in person (hehe)!.

Oh and we still have friends and family members giving us random food items  (probably because they still feel sorry for us).  I don't. I bet we still eat better than probably at least 75 percent of the world's population so I don't think we have it so bad. Plus we went out to icecream this week because my name was on the sign at the Front Porch so we can hardly complain.  Our most recent food gift became our Mother's Day dinner.  Chicken breasts which I combined with potatoes and cauliflower and topped with italian dressing for dinner.  I knew the spoiling couldn't last forever, but I was hoping to get through an entire day without having to cook.  Oh well, at least dinner was yummy and at least it was all fresh food, not outdated and stale.  I failed to take any pics of this creation, but we ate it all so I think it is safe to say it was exceptional.  A special thanks to Tracy for the delicious dinner!

Vern Out

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  1. awwww thanks for the NATURE ROCKS mention, Vern! and i hung out a load of laundry today too, woot woot! :-)