Monday, May 5, 2014

No bake cookies

When I have my New York Times Bestseller finished there will be an entire chapter devoted to the No Bake Cookies (NBC).  They deserve it.  Seriously how many cookies can stand alone as a balanced meal?  Not many, but the No Bake Cookie totally pulls it off. Kind of like fish net tights, not too many women can pull those off, but a chosen few totally do.  Anyhow, the addition of peanut butter, oatmeal and milk combines to provide a delicious and balanced breakfast for those in need!  It is AWESOME!

Well tonight I am very happy to share with you the history of no bake cookies in my life and the profound impact that they have had not only on my own life, but also on the lives of so many  people I hold near and dear to my heart.  I know for a fact that I have touched a lot of people's lives by doing little more than mixing up a batch of these dynamites! You know who you are too: Miranda, Loretta, Rebel, Abram, Laura, Erin, Lisa, Matthew, Kris, Cindy Lou, Sara Lou, Dawson...the list just goes on and on.  And now because I decided to procreate (and because my LOVE of these cookies has apparently been passed on to my offspring) I can add three more names to that list: Kara, Aven and Hazel. Man Nature vs Nurture really does applies to all things-- even no bake cookie consumption.  And I am such a proud mother!  My kids actually prefer NBCs to chocolate chip or any of the other classic cookies you may offer them! It is a beautiful thing!

 Better than your average anti-depressent, it's the no bake cookie!
Our dog, Stan. Market research suggests cute dogs will boost viewership. 
I figured I need all the help I can get! Seriously so please tell your friends about my cute dog!

Anyhow, I learned to bake, or I guess technically not bake, these cookies from my aunt Cindy.  She is amazing and served as somewhat of a second mother to me!  I quickly memorized the recipe and still know it by heart today.  As a teenager we ate an astronomical number of these cookies at my aunt's house for various occasions and often for no reason at all! I still to this day can not eat a no bake cookie without thinking of her, my cousins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom which was our numero uno movie back in the day.  These little tasty morsels became synonymous with happiness and quality family time for me.  And I soon took to baking them for all occasions: weddings, parties, birthdays no occasion was safe from my offerings of freshly made NBCs.  I doubt there is a person out there who doesn't recall me making these damn cookies at some point during my high school and college days.  Also there is likely no one who doesnt remember my years of wearing scrubs like everyday for a decade or so, but I have digressed.  The mere aroma of a freshly prepared no bake cookie brings back so many good memories for me that I drool, uncontrollably.  It is a bit embarrasing really, but at least I am fairly fit now.  My aunt once no baked me a heart shaped NBC and sent it to me at school on my birthday. This was way better than getting flowers at work. And good thing too because my husband has never sent me flowers.  Not even when we were dating.

What happens when you leave a 4year old with an unattended camera!? CHEESE!  PS market research also suggests that cute kids help boost viewership!

Now in contrast to the countless people in my life who love NBCs, my husband HATES them.  He tried them once and hated them instantly and has never waivered in his complete contempt for these awful cookies.  Hate might not be a strong enough word for what he feels toward these and to make matters worse the man loves cookies.  He is a bit of a cookie MONSTER and loves all cookies; All cookies except for NBC.  It is a bit of a perplexing situation really. And somewhat disturbing to me since I have been an addict to these cookies for at least two decades now!  I actually think he might prefer to die of starvation than to eat a no bake cookie and it may someday be the reason for our demise...

and the point to all this, because honestly I am sure you are wondering what that is by now and if you are not then something is wrong with you go get your head examined.  Yes the point is that I bought everything I needed to not bake some NBCs up this weekend because the kids begged for them and we were well immersed in our little impromptu Mystery Adventure at the time and because just the thought of a no bake cookie brings so many wonderful memories to my mind that I just couldnt help but to spend an extra ten bucks and rush home to no bake me and the kids some happiness and fun memories!

You are correct there are no eggs needed for NBCs,
but I wanted to make you stand on your head
or at least lean over really far and possibly fall out of your chair for this one!
Plus our egg surplus is really getting out of control so I wanted to show off our bounty!

Vern Out   

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