Monday, June 2, 2014

Guess who or what?

Since I discoverd nearly an entire case of ramen noodles in the basement a couple months ago, I have become determined to use them up; I am committed to polishing them off in order to reach my goal of emptying our pantry. So I have been experimenting... with ramen noodles and amish friendship bread.  What can I say other than I hate to follow recipes and I want to get rid of these damn ramen noodles!

This experimental process kind of reminds me of the children's book by Thomas Rockwell called "How To Eat Fried Worms".  If you haven't read it, the book is about Billy, a boy, who is challenged to eat 15 worms for 15 days.  I don't remember what the prize is in the book, but I do remember that Billy kept experimenting with different ways to make the worms taste better.  Not unlike Billy, I keep trying to improve ramen noodles in order to make them more palatable for me so that we can use the blooming things up.  However, unlike Billy, I am doing this for no good reason; there is no prize!  The kids seem to love them and are not sick of eating them...yet.  It is likely just a matter of time though.  Me I am beyond sick of ramen noodles; I despise them.  At least I did until the other day when I stumbled across #53 (52 failures before I figured this one out).  Yes good old, lucky number 53 has got me drooling over noodles!  Just cook them as the instructions read but add a couple cups of fresh asparagus and only use half of the flavor packet so that you do not die from sodium poisoning.  It is delightful.  Now my Ramen Noodles are of the chicken variety, but I imagine the asparagus would be just as delightful in any of the other flavors so I encourage you to apply this recipe liberally to all things ramen.

 Asparagus Ramen Soup!
 Seriously I know it sounds gross, but it is sooo good!
Then today the guilt of not cooking for my family in a very long time caught up with me and I went on a fun little "vay cay" all  "guilt trip style" and this little trip led me to become very motivated.  Oh it also helped that my 4-year old slept until 9:30!  So on my little impromtu guilt trip, I returned to land of the chest freezer and discovered some quite aged (although it's all relative because compared to the Halibut it was very fresh!) Goose cerca 2007 and 2008 so tonight's dinner was all retro!  By 9:30 this morning I had filled the crockpot with all the fixings for goose stroganoff, washed (and hung out to dry) two loads of laundry, cleaned two cabinets in my kitchen and given birth to an octopus with nine arms!  Just kidding, I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention.

 The goose duo 2007, 2008
Up close and personal and aged to perfection!
I have also been busy trying to perfect the Amish Friendship Bread recipe(you know without actually following a recipe). It's the recipe that starts with babysitting a bag of goop for 10 days!  Well one thing you should know about me is that I dont really like to follow recipes exactly, or honestly, much at all.  I think of recipes as vague guidelines and use them primarily for new ideas when cooking.  So I have taken the liberty of messing with this bread recipe for the past couple of weeks and so far this chocolate version, is the favorite among our clan! I tried making a healthy version and it was not nearly as loved, but it wasn't chocolate flavored so I plan to make a healthy chocolate version later this week.
Hazel says YUMMY!
Bake more of this kind MOM!
Vern Out

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