Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oh Sh*t I burned the quinoa

The last time I cooked quinoa, I burned it beyond recognition.  Seriously, the pan I used is still not quite right (it has black specs of quinoa remains still burned deep into its finish).  Well tonight I pulled it off without a hitch and more importantly without setting off the smoke detector!  So I now have lots of freshly cooked quinoa for my upcoming RBR week!

I am still actively amidst my, "trying to eat healthy for a short time in hopes that it will somehow miraculously help my time at the Riverbank Run (RBR)" gig and I must say, "it is getting rather a bit boring" (spoken in a sexy (yet not very accurate) english accent please).  So today I went to a cookout with friends and family and the burger, fries and icecream pie was just what this gal needed.  I am now officially ready to run 15.5 miles next Saturday!  I wasnt totally unhealthy either... well I mean as far as the meal goes I was, but I did run 4 miles tonight so at least I burned off some of those calories.

Anyhow, I have been making a few health exceptions of recent with the grocery challenge:  I bought steel cut oats in an attempt to improve my breakfast habits.  I purchased lots of quinoa and discovered that red quinoa exists and bought some of that as well.  I stocked up on fruits and veggies as well and our chickens have really gotten the hang of this egg laying thing so we have plenty of fresh eggs which  as I suspected are absolutely delicious when placed atop an english muffin with a slice of smoked gouda! 

P.S. I do recognize that I violated standard practice regarding acronyms, but I wanted to peak your curiousity about RBR.  You know I don't want to become too predictable or boring.  Hope it worked.

Vern Out

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