Thursday, April 24, 2014

Run Vern Run

Right now I am trying to eat healthy for three weeks until the Riverbank Run. It seems like this mimi goal should be super easy, but it isnt.  My first day of my self-imposed healthy eating campaign, I had a donut for breakfast so I am not sure how successful this new endeavor will be.  You see, I tend to eat extremely unhealthy foods (yet sinfully delicious) for breakfast most days.

I rationalize this habit by claiming that I then have all day to burn it off.  Plus I tend to run in the morning so my metabolism gets a boost shortly after I consume my junk food, junkie breakfast.  But realistically I know this habit is not ideal, quite the contrary, it's actually pretty bad so I am trying to focus on having a healthy breakfast and avoiding sweets as much as possible until I run the Riverbank Run on May 10th.  But I have a confession...I have a serious sweet tooth.  I think it's hereditary because my grandpa and father share my love for home-baked goods.  Anyhow, the point to this is I am not worrying too much about the shopping challenge while I pursue this healthy eating goal.  If I need healthy options available I am going to buy them.  But I am also not going all gang busters (or to Sams Club) during this time period. 

I dont have any pics from 5th 3rd but this is post Grand Rapids Marathon 2011~

My goal is simple beat my time from last year so I have to be under 2 hours and 14 minutes!  Tomorrow I will eat steel cut oats, not a donut!

Vern Out

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