Monday, September 1, 2014

Shortest post ever

Just when I started making progress (yes I made it to round 4 this year) in the world of Bocce Ball, they went and decided that 25 years was long enough and this year would be the final Bocce Ball tournament.  So I made it to the fourth round of the final bocce ball tournament and will never get to experience the thrill of victory.  The agony of defeat was pretty um agonizing too.  We lost 15 to 13 in a very close back and forth game that lasted over a half an hour.  I know that's a tough loss, but I am handling it pretty well. I have an appointment schedule with my shrink tomorrow!

There is a small amount of the pasta salad left that I shall be consuming later today (so that I don't end up feeding it to the chickens in a couple weeks because I forgot about it) for lunch. As for the leftover waffles (photo below) that I made yesterday, they served as a marvelous breakfast today which makes me happy because they won't be taking up space inside Wally, aka the freezer.  Plus, added bonus, there are 4 waffles remaining for the first day of school so I will be "that mom"; the cool home-made waffle feeding mom on the first day of school and I won't even have all the mess that comes along with that title either! So very cool!  This fact alone takes a lot of pressure off the first day of school for me.  I am blessed.

If you want to try your hand at making these click here applesauce-sausage-waffles!  It is definitely more involved than my traditional Bisquick waffles, but they are so much YUMMIER that it is worth the extra labor!

 Applesauce Sausage Waffles...Seriously good stuff!

They won't even be in the freezer long enough to get labeled!

Happy Labor Day!

PS I thought it would be the shortest post ever, but I may have failed. However, that is because I believe in keeping my people informed and I kept thinking of important stuff to share!

Vern Out

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