Monday, September 8, 2014

Honesty is the best policy

I have to clear my conscience because I don't think I had everything quite accurate in my last post.  My husband had been planning to hunt on Labor Day for months because there is some early goose season or something going on this year so it shouldn't have been a surprise to me when he up and left that fateful day. It was his plan. Honestly, if our roles had been reversed and I was supposed to go run a race and Jeff was having an emotional moment (oh that's right he doesn't actually feel any emotions) but in the unlikely event that he did decide to feel emotional, I still would have left for a scheduled race.  So we are even. At least he decided to stay home for the first day of school (probably because he questioned my ability to keep it together and get everyone safely to school on time, but I will take what help I can get these days).  Check us out!

I always save my best boots for the first day of school!

Oh and the other fairly unhelpful thing is that I am not always the best communicator when things are bothering me; I tend to let things build up.  So it is entirely possible (likely even) that I tried to hide my emotional struggles until they exploded in an ugly blubbering expression of frustration, sadness, happiness and a thousand other emotions the day after he went goose hunting.  So if I made it sound otherwise I am sorry, but I still feel that a chest freezer, even if he does have a nice name like Chester, does not a better half make.  However, Chester and I do get along pretty darn well so things could definitely be worse...

Vern Out

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