Sunday, September 7, 2014

Career change

After a somewhat random work meeting discussion last week, I am considering a new career path.  Now admittedly this was a total squirrel moment, in that this entire career related discussion had absolutely nothing to do with the work we were completing, but nonetheless, I feel this career deserves more consideration and exploration.  I've decided that I'm going to become the next great Food Stylist (maybe)!

And what pray tell is a Food Stylist?  Food Stylists are people who get paid large amounts of money (like a lot more than I have ever made) to travel all over the world to prepare food and style it artistically for use in commercials and other advertising materials.  I am thinking, that I will be an amazing Food Stylist.  I love to travel, cook and make food items look prettier than they actually taste!

 Look at our Goose Jerky marinating today...Isn't it "stylish"?! 

Now something has gone and happened...and that is that hunting season has arrived!  It snuck up on me this year too likely because I have been preoccupied having an emotional breakdown.  This recent emotional distress is the result of my "baby" starting kindergarten last week! I was never emotional about such matters in the past, but this time it got to me and totally knocked me off my "A" game. And then the next thing you know my husband is heading out the door to go goose hunting and I am all "WTF?!" Oh and I might have been crying in the closet, eating chocolate in large quantities and feeling generally unhappy. SIGH.  Don't worry, I am mostly recovered now although I really don't know where the time has gone. How is my youngest in kindergarten already?!

My last post touched on hunting briefly, but what I didn't delve into at that time was the reality of what this means for me and more importantly for Chester.  It means that Chester and I will both be working over time a lot for the next three months.  We will both be covering responsibilities that should be shared between two people equally within a marriage.  EQUALLY PEOPLE and not between a household appliance and a woman either, but between a husband and wife!  But for the next three months it will not be so and more importantly lots of random dead animals will be proudly dragged to our domicile for cleaning, preservation and storage.  It means that if I am not careful, Chester will be getting a large increase in his inventory this upcoming season and my goal to empty him, will not be reached.  At least I took my Aunt Melinda's advice and never learned to clean any animals.  Not even one measly fish or bird. This was the best wedding day advice I received for sure!

Note to self: I must find a way to undermine my husband's hunting tactics this year without it being obvious that I am doing so and I need to learn what kind of credentials are necessary to become a food stylist...

Vern Out

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