Monday, September 29, 2014

Hodge podge

Random thoughts from the past week or so because honestly my post this morning was lacking and I want to make it up to you!

"My desk looked like a coffee cup graveyard" I declared right out loud at the office last week.  My declaration made me (and my intern) laugh right out loud. But it was totally true...

Not unlike this photo of someone else's coffee cup graveyard, it was difficult at the time to determine where one coffee cup stopped and another one began. Or where my desk started for that matter. That was hard to tell too. There may (or may not) have been some mold involved and there were definitely multiple coffee shops involved in this incident (Magnum Coffee, Village Baker, multiple gas stations and a half drank cup of free coffee from Orchard Market to name just a few).  Really no establishment that has coffee available within an eight mile radius of my workplace was unrepresented in this matter.  But I take full responsibility for this mess, the coffee shops are completely innocent.
My vision of a coffee cup graveyard!

So after a brief giggle fest, I took swift and sure-footed action against the enemy...the dreaded cafe au lait!  I spent significant time trying to tidy up.  I emphasize the word "trying".  It still looks like Arlington National Cemetery (for coffee) in my office, but it is actually slightly better than a week ago!  The problem is that I drink coffee every single day that I go to work so the situation tends to perpetuate itself.  It is beyond infuriating.

Also I watched Curious George the other day which I realize seems completely unrelated, however, I assure you it is not.   The opening line from the narrator that fateful morning was "The exact opposite of all that is neat (and I would add organized)" to describe George.  He really is a monkey after my own heart!  Try as I might, I just can't seem to master the art of organization. Sigh.  Ironically, my job is to help my boss stay organized which amazingly seems to be going well!?

George, the exact opposite of all that is neat!

The only thing worse than having frozen pizza for dinner is having leftover frozen pizza for dinner and that is just what we did tonight!  I guess some people would beat themselves up over such an atrocity, but I am taking it in stride.  I refuse to let it beat me down!  I mean, at least my family didn't go hungry.  At least we had leftover frozen pizza to eat!

Oh and I have a mystery photo.  I do wish it was an intentional mystery photo and that I held the answer key for it.  However, it is not so.  I have made a habit of photographing foods that I create so that I can write about them later.  This habit has generally worked out very well for me.  However, I have run into two recent problems.

I have no idea what this one is!? I have discerned that it is likely ice cream (given our ice cream eating habits it is the most likely explanation) possibly with some other additives, but I have no recollection of this photo nor any notes to accompany it.  I am left without a complete story to share with you on this one and I am sorry.

Secondly, my children are thieves and quite frankly I am sick of their stealing ways.  I made a beautiful catalog of photos this past week.  I even cooked a couple of real bonafide meals and there was a birthday bagel sandwich involved that my husband made for me too.  He doesn't cook often people so that was kind of a big deal.  These impressive pictures were successfully stored on a photo card safely inside our camera yesterday and now when I have time to write it is gone.  GONE!  And this was not an isolated incident either.  It is like my very own Bermuda Triangle around here these days. My gum often goes missing from my purse and my spare change from various locations does as well.  Meanwhile, dirty laundry continues to show up inexplicably.  It is all very mysterious.  Can't a lady catch a break around here?! Unfortunately, I am absolutely convinced that despite my best attempts at teaching my children that stealing is wrong, they steal on.  Especially my four year old.  I hope she doesn't end up in jail for this like Brenda the Blenda did.  I hope she can learn from that second handed.

When interrogated about the memory card, shockingly no one has any idea where it is. They all claim ignorance.  So for now that's it!  Make up your own darn story about the mystery picture.  Oh and if they are good stories be sure to share them with me because I could use a good laugh as I am still upset about this situation with my bandit children!

Vern Out

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