Monday, April 14, 2014

Oink Oink

So back at the ranch (and back at normal life with school, lunches, show and tells, homework, unending laundry and meals to feed my family) I am getting ready for my first week of real cooking in awhile...

And by real cooking I mean I will be thawing something from our freezer cooking it and feeding it to my family once I have added various items out of our pantry and possibly some spices.  It will not require an actual recipe because it will be made up and it will not require more than a half an hour prep time because that is all the time I have allowed myself to fix it.  Stay tuned because this will get interesting.

On a somewhat related note, I will also be preparing the second bag of jalapenos using an actual recipe for the Atomic Buffalo Jalapeno Turds for my running club's  Boston Marathon Send Off party later this week. In order to make this recipe I had to buy cream cheese and turds (AKA mini smoky links)... and while I was at Meijer buying these two necessary items to make the infamous Atomic Buffalo Turds, I also found two pork tenderloins who were sad and extremely lonely and on super-sale and I just had to bring them home because they were so darn cute and lonely.  Oh yeah and some bacon too because it was also on sale and I fear that pork prices are about to jump through the roof due to PED (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea)   which if you haven't already heard is killing thousands of piglets across America.  It really is sad even if you don't love bacon like I do.  There is about to be a critical pork shortage people! And I for one will not find myself without bacon during such a serious crisis.  So I cheated a mini cheat in the name of pork, but if prices rise as much as they are predicting, we won't be able to afford pork by the time the freezer is empty and you know how I feel about bacon. 

That is all.

Oh except in the interest of being completely honest because that's the kind of gal I am, a brutally honest one; I went to Sam's Club this weekend (with 4 kids BTW which I wouldn't recommend) because we were out of butter.  And whilst butter is not technically included in the original terms of the deal as an acceptable item to purchase, I was not about to start churning milk in order to get me some butter when milk was on the list of items allowed and butter is made from milk.  So $192.00  later we now have butter and more importantly my arms are not sore from cranking a churn all weekend. Oh and we also have lunchmeat and yogurt and chocolate chips, potato chips and some cereal and wine.

PS I also bought some produce items and bread, but those were not illegal so I figured they are not as exciting to write about... but for the record I did not spend the entire $192 on illegal supplies just a majority of it like maybe 185 and some change or something like that.

OK that really is all now.
I am spent.

Vern Out

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