Thursday, April 17, 2014

Name that casserole!

I didn't end up creating a new recipe Monday night. Instead, I saved my culinary creative genius for Tuesday.  This shift in the weekly menu universe was made because when I opened the fridge at about 4PM Monday afternoon and realized we had just enough leftovers to feed the masses baked spaghetti for a third time and I recognized this fact as the gift that it was. This discovery made when I was desperately seeking a meal to serve my family, was an incredibly valuable one.  Kind of like winning the lottery: Only I dont have tons of money and I wasn't inconvenienced by a trip to a local convenience store to buy a lotto ticket. Yes, Monday we ate  have leftover baked spaghetti for the third time in a week.  However, I think some people preferred the leftover spaghetti to what I cooked up Tuesday.

Tuesday night, I removed the rest of the chicken carcass from the fridge (see photos below). I had roasted a chicken from my brother's farm last week and there was still quite a bit of good meat left on the carcass so I shredded it.  Then I added one can of cream of chicken soup, a cup of brown rice and a dash of salt and pepper and I mixed them all together.  Then for health purposes, and to add some green to the casserole, I added a bunch of frozen peas.   Feeling like a Fairy Godmother, I waved my magic wand and presto dinner was served!

The cage free, antibiotic free and hormone free carcass!

I used up the last of the brown rice!
We are getting closer to an empty pantry!

My family had differing opinions on the end result.  Kara thought it was AWESOME and the best thing I had ever made.  However, she says this about all my made up recipes so I am not sure how valuable this opinion is.  I think the girl just likes to eat! Like mother like daugher, I suppose.  AJ thought it was horrible and possibly the worst thing I had ever cooked. Although he says this at most meals unless the meal is pizza or hotdogs. Like father, like son I guess.  But AJ choked it down to earn his dessert. Hazel ate it slowly and with some amount of complaining, whining and delaying.  She really dragged it out as she does with most meals.  In the end she ate just enough to earn a small amount of dessert.  Jeff ate it and said very little which is pretty typical for him.  Over dinner we discussed names for the new dish.  Pea Casserole, Chicken and Pea Casserole, Chicken, Pea and Rice Casserole were all nominations.  I am looking for a more original name so we have not settled on a formal name for this yet.  To be completely honest I doubt I will ever make it again because this challenge is getting old and I am getting busier.  Our challenge days are numbered.

Is it Pea Casserole? Or Chicken and Pea Casserole?...

No,No I think its Pea, Chicken and Rice casserole.

Actually I think I shall call it "Whatever is Fucking Leftover in your fridge casserole" because that is a better name.

Don't Worry, the Buffalo Turd Story is formulating in my messed up mind so it will be posted some time in the next week or so.

Vern Out

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