Friday, April 18, 2014

The Legend of the Flaming Turds

  The following is the fairytale story of the Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT)...

 Once upon a time there was a running club. A super cool running club that consisted of tons of super cool runners who liked to drink beer occasionally and eat interesting foods.  And within that club there was a somewhat crazy gal whom I shall call Vee in order to protect her true identity who loved to cook almost as much as she loved to run which worked out okay because the running helped to burn off the calories she consumed as a result of her culinary explorations.  She had to raise a crapload of money for a fundraiser running event that she was participating in so a fundraiser party was held and for that party she created home-made stuffed jalapenos and they were extremely HOT.   

Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot

Only the bravest and toughest runners at the party were able to consume the jalapenos without crying out in complete anguish.  And those who were tough enough to eat the fiery treats decided that more of these needed to be cooked for the Boston Marathon Party later in the year and so Vee had to make another batch in order to please her fellow runners and maintain her reputation within the club.

 When jalapenos are frozen whole with seeds inside them,
the heat index of the Jalapenos is multiplied exponentially
Author's Note:  Vee may have stolen these out of my freezer. I sure hope so! 
 Just a happy little jalapeno maker showing off her hot jalapenos!
 Atomic Buffalo Turds! Hot enough to take the paint off your car!
 An extreme close-up...wipe the drool off your face!
 Vee claims that soaking jalapenos in milk overnight helps reduce the heat index.
 I have not completed any scientific research on the matter so I can not endorse this practice.
And they lived happily ever after...except for the jalapenos they were devoured at the Boston Send-off Party.

Vern Out

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