Saturday, June 7, 2014

Introducing Chester

Remember back when I wrote the story about Irma? Or how about the one about Victor?  If you have been following my adventures for awhile (and if your memory is better than mine because honestly I would never remember such trivial details like this about someone else's blog), then you realize that Irma and Victor are not people;  rather they are appliances of mine. Irma is my iron with whom I share a passionate love (and mostly hate) relationship while Victor is my zombie vacuum cleaner.  I know life here in Nunica is all kinds of wild and crazy especially when dealing with household appliances.  Well after a follower recently asked about my freezer and how it is possible that I am not done emptying it after more than four months of attempting to do just that, it dawned on me that you really should've met Chester first before Irma or Victor so here is the story of Chester. Slightly delayed, but I have always believed in the "better late than never" adage!

Chester is our chest freezer and he and I are roughly the same age, 29 (haha).  He immigrated here from Holland, MI back during the early seventies and he has been making an honest living here in Nunica since.  Yes Chester is a true Nunican through and through.  He has been around a good long while (In Nunica longer than I)  According to my husband and father-in-law and brother-in-law and any other male qualified to rate freezers... you just can't buy a reliable, industrious and long-lasting chest freezer, like Chester, nowadays.  So Chester is an important member of our family as he takes care of our food...oftentimes for a very long time (Case in point: halibut 11 years, goose 7 plus years and the list does go on and on).  He takes his job very seriously too and never sways from his role as Bouncer to our frozen food items.  He often goes without sleep, in order to assure our food is safe to eat!  Now that's commitment!

And in this corner weighing in at 230 solid pounds on an impressive, boxy frame and in amazingly great shape given his advanced age, from Nunica MI introducing...
"CHESTER the Molester Constantine"
 Chester showing off his innermost contents! This is personal people!

The rotten banana and the bread batter from my most recent attempt at
Amish Friendship Bread!

We freed up a lot of space removing that HUGE banana from Wally!
 The latest attempt at perfecting Amish Friendship Bread. 
The healthy version recipe with Chocolate Chips. It's the best of both worlds!

***Added Bonus:  I got to use up a rotten banana out of Wally, who is Chester's younger brother and who happens to be attached to our upstairs fridge!  Wally claims that Chester is somewhat of a bully of an older brother; however I have been monitoring the situation and so far I believe Wally is just a wimp and a whining little "brat"!  
 Johnsonville Brats I bought for a recipe that I actually followed! We combined them with ground venison, spinach, spices, cannelini beans and cheese for a casserole dinner a few nights ago!

The finished casserole was a huge hit; everyone was a clean plate ranger!

 Totally unrelated, but important breaking news here in Nunica:
It is officially dirty feet season! 

My kid's feet are at least this dirty at the end of each and every day.  I LOVE IT because it means they are playing outside in nature and not watching television, playing video games or otherwise "plugged in".  Everyone knows getting dirty is half the fun and that staying clean and germ free is NO FUN!

We are doing our part to lighten Chester's load by using stuff up from his overloaded interior! 
Vern Out 

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