Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend warrior

This weekend I went shopping and at Meijer too!  I felt like a warrior entering battle as I walked through the aisle, upon aisle, upon aisle of foods that were not on my approved list of things I could purchase.  It was Vern versus the grocery store and I was ill prepared for the outing.  I also dragged two kids with me so that certainly didnt help my cause, but we all survived! 

I had to practice a lot of self control, but over all I did pretty well.  I bought four things that were not technically allowed; two bags of chips, pepperoni and a bag of trail mix.  I'll explain.  The chips are for Jeff's lunches the next couple of weeks until he gets his care package.  The pepperoni was purchased to help use up the bottom of a jar of pizza sauce that was in dire need of being used up and the trail mix was a total cheat in the interest of my husband once again who had complained that we had run out.  It is his favorite snack after hunting or fishing.  I also bought bacon, puff pastries and a special sugar for a recipe I am making for my runclub peeps this weekend.  I guess to be completely technical all of these last three items were purchased for holiday gatherings so I didn't totally cheat with them. It still felt like cheating though; all of it did. But the pizza sauce was just used up for lunch today.  Hazel made personal pizzas for us! And more importantly Jeff has chips in his lunch once again which definitely means I will have a happier husband tonight!

My cranberries are soaking in the simple syrup awaiting the addition of the special sugar later tonight...this is a test run so if all goes well I will recreate this later in the week for runclub!

Over the weekend we ate out at Turks Saturday night and I gorged myself on onion rings and crabcakes.  They were both delightful.  We did use up the aforementioned pizza sauce and some rice out of the cupboard this weekend as well. And for dessert tonight, we are having a Christmas Dessert that is to die for (or at least I hope it is).  This recent creation  was the result of a friend's kindness in sending leftover angel food cake home with me along with some Cool whip.  The best part was that I did use up an instant pistachio pudding package that had expired in December of 2011.  I felt really good about using that up and with all the preservatives in that kind of food I feel pretty confident that no one will get sick.  I'll let you know!

The holidays are about to take over as I start with my first party wednesday night at Grand Haven Run Club and the partying just continues on from there through the New Year!  The good part is I am done shopping until after the holidays so I guess I won this most recent battle.  Vern-1 Groceries-0.

Vern Out 

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