Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting interesting

The experiment has gotten interesting in the lunch department.  We have run out of many of the essentials, including but not limited to, lunch meat, yogurt, and applesauce packets.  We are also working on our last bag of chips which is considered a critical violation as far as my husband's opinion is concerned.  So far my husband is the only one to complain about the lunch food shortages he was particularly unimpressed with his PBJ the other day... so I am thinking of making him a care package for one of his Christmas gifts from me that would include a few packs of lunch meat and some chips.  I realize this would totally be cheating, but it would provide me with a gift to get him that he would appreciate it and so far he has given me no indication of anything he actually wants/needs so what does everyone think? 

A friend asked me about breakfast foods and so far they have lasted pretty well.  We eat fairly nutritional breakfast, cold cereal, oatmeal (which I have begun rationing out because we are down to not much of it) and toast.  I mix in fruit when we have it as well.  So breakfast is pretty safe to eat still at this point in time.

For dinner things have been pretty good.  I threw a bunch of random stuff together on Wednesday stuffed the concoction into whole wheat tortillas, put a little cheese on top and baked it.  My 8-year old, Kara, said and I quote "this is the best supper ever; why didn't you make this instead of that gross noodle stuff with chicken last week".  The moral to this story is that it doesn't have to be fancy (or a recipe at all) to impress kids. To help illustrate this point consider the following story.  My little experiment has inspired a friend of mine to try to use up what's in her pantry as well and so her family dined on spaghetti with Manwich sauce instead of marinara the other night and her 3-year old was totally impressed as well! 

In an effort to make my life a little easier, I may go ahead and approve Kara's recent request that we eat this same made-up, enchilada-like, dish for the remainder of the year.  I just might have enough of the ingredients to pull it off and then I don't have to try to be creative any more!

Vern Out

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