Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My glass is half full

Slightly blurry but too perfect to leave out of the story!
Just when I was certain my kids are not hearing a single word I say to them and I was simultaneously fairly convinced my life lessons for them were falling on deaf ears (or had become victim to selective hearing), my 3rd grader goes and proves me WRONG. Oh and she did so by dragging a bunch of disposable plastic cups home from her Valentine's Day party.  If only we got to pick which lessons they actually remember. Wouldn't that be grand!? I better share the story so it makes a little more sense...

The picture to the right is difficult to read at the bottom, but it is worth the extra effort so get out your bifocals or have someone read it for you because it is So true and So clever!

So anyhow, she was so completely tickled pink when she arrived home from school on Valentine's Day (she seriously would've put Pinkalicious to shame in that moment that is how "tickled pink" she was) regarding her safe delivery of the cups to me.  She was so excited I just didnt have the heart to say anything other than,"thank you (awkward pause) very much!" as she handed me the cups that were a sticky, dirty, nasty mess.  I cared not about the mess because I knew these cups represented a real break through.  Kara had not only heard my lesson about throwing stuff away being bad for the earth, she had also applied it perfectly.  She proudly announced that she had saved the cups from, "the dreaded garbage can at school mom!" She was basically a hero in that moment although I think she is my hero each and every day. She is such a fun loving, brave and boisterous girl. I can take her anywhere and she finds a way to fit right in and make others feel welcomed while she is at it and that my friends is a real gift from God;  She is a real gift from God!  I suppose we are just a happy little family of tree huggers out here in Nunica!! And I suppose I am okay with that!  Hug away with the trees my friends!  While I do hate stuff getting thrown away(I hate that we are a throw away society in so many ways), I honestly would have much rather she recalled my lesson about turning the lights out when she leaves a room, or perhaps picking up her dirty laundry before she leaves for school.  But she rescue plastic cups from the garbage can at school and that is okay too.  Alas we do not get to choose the information retained and applied by our children, we just get to offer them lessons and hope for the best. Sigh.  Here are the cups in all their GLORY!  Aren't they beautiful and splendid?

These cups may last longer than mankind!

Anyhow, that is all from the home front.  Tomorrow at the urging of the same daughter who proudly brought me the cups, I plan to mess with my potpie recipe and create a breakfasty version complete with pork sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns and cheese.  I am fairly certain that it will taste delightful, but even if it is not and we eat bread and butter instead, we will all be drinking our OJ from the incredible rescued plastic cups because I am washing those cups until they literally fall apart.  We actually started a tally of how many times we use them before they disintegrate.  It is posted on the fridge.  We are on three uses and counting...The cups may actually live longer than I do and possibly the kids too because they are the nice thicker plastic ones and they are going to take a long time to break down.

PS my husband just suggested that I need to add gravy to this newly created recipe.  I can already feel my arteries clogging just thinking about tomorrow's dinner!

PPS:  Advice from a tree!

PPPS My plastic disposable glass is half full; How bout yours?

Vern Out

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