Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bees and Beavers

Forget about the busy bees and the beavers, God is so very busy these days!  And He still has time to work on my Haiti Dream!  I just got this picture from a cousin of a friend; This particular cousin of a friend was actually at God's Littlest Angels in Haiti this past December volunteering and met Deny- like for reals!  He is the boy in the orange Under Armor shirt sitting on the ground.  She said he is a riot and that he is so much fun!

And I spoke to one of the board members at God's Littlest Angels who happens to live in none other than Grand Rapids, MI.  Both he and his wife have adopted and volunteered at the orphanage. In their humble opinion, it is a safe and controlled environment and they take great care of the volunteers.  He agrees that Deny is an amazing little boy.  Yes, he too has met him in the flesh and blood.

My heart is beating fast.  And I am so full of JOY! Dreaming, praying and loving life!

Vern Out

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