Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Farewell Captain

SURPRISE!  I thought I would go ahead and surprise everyone with an update. I hope you are SUPER SURPRISED and your heart is racing, but not so much that you go into cardiac arrest because I won't be able to help you and then I would feel really, really bad if that happened!

Well writing is therapeutic for me and I am officially in mourning over the loss of Robin Williams.  I loved every Robin Williams movie I ever watched. I am still trying to perfect my impersonation of Mrs. Doubtfire that I use when I get goofy cooking with the kids. This post is dedicated to him.  I speak for millions when I say, "you inspired greatly, you taught many and you will be missed terribly". May you rest in peace and God Bless.

First of all, Depression is a BITCH.  And I don't use the "B" word often, but it is true.  Depression is a horrible illness that ruins lives and I am somewhat disappointed in myself because I had no idea that he was struggling with depression.  No idea.  When I first read he was dead on Facebook last night, I was sure it was inaccurate.  Or a joke or something.  Awhile back someone had posted that Harrison Ford had died and I got all sad only to learn it wasn't true.  So I really thought it wasn't true.  But a few minutes of surfing the net led me to realize it was.  And then the horror that it was real took hold and I started crying.  I blame my hormones, or my faulty brain because truly who cries over a hollywood actor's death?  Not me, at least not normally.  It's not like I knew him personally or we were BFFs.  He was just an actor.  But seriously, how did I not know that about his struggle with depression? What rock have I been living under? Am I really that sheltered here in Nunica?  I don't know, but I am disappointed in myself.  Not that my knowlege of his depression would have changed anything, but still I was shocked, saddened, and disappointed in myself.  Enough, though this is getting depressing and I want it to be inspiring or entertaining or funny, a tribute to one who made so many laugh. Not depressing.

Last night (before I knew of Williams passing so unforunately I can't blame my emotional state on this incident) I went to the store for fruits, veggies and heavy whipping cream for making carbonara. However, I made a critical error in allowing my four year old to join me in my quick run through the store. Well we did come out the other side of the grocery store... twenty minutes later with a few extra items:  A few of them healthy and a few of them not so healthy.

My Favorite Carbonara Recipe adapted from Karla's Carbonara
1 pound of your favorite cooked pasta

alterations: add a bunch of delicious mushrooms sauteed in the butter for the sauce or a cup of frozen peas either or both are delightful in this recipe!

1 large carton of Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 stick butter
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1 egg
cook over low heat for about 10 minutes or until it thickens

add a half a pound of cooked bacon and a cup of diced ham
add cooked noodles and stir it all together
HEAVENLY FAVORITE MEAL!  Best of all everyone in our family eats this one well!

 Not so healthy ham, heavy whipping cream and cheese for carbonara!
Carbonara is my favorite comfort food by far.  I make it often when I am hormonal.  When I am sad, I cook up a batch of carbonara. When I am happy, I eat carbonara.  When I mourn a great loss, you guessed it carbonara.  And to celebrate great victories, I eat carbonara too. I also eat it to carbo load before a big race, or to recover after serious medical issues like brain surgery.  You name the occasion and I would likely choose carbonara for it. It is just such a wonderful dish.  You get all the best foods in one simple dish, cheese, bacon and mushrooms so it was somewhat fitting that I planned to make it last night, but because of the influence of my four year old I didnt actually cook it until tonight.  And it served once again my comfort food when I am so sad about the loss of Robin.  Last night, we ended up eating french fries and corn dogs because my four year old managed to talk me into the gametime switch in our menu last night as we strolled through Orchard Market www.theorchardmarkets.com.  She really is persuasive. 
This is dialog from our discussion about the corn dogs.

Hazel: (full of jubilation) "Mommy look at this gigantic box of corn dogs"
Me (not nearly so enthusiastic): "yep"
Hazel (still full of excitement and sheer joy): "I bet there must be a millionty, thousand, hundred  corn dogs in that big box. mom. Isn't it spectacular"
Me: (still not excited and in a hurry mind you) "Yes spectacular indeed" PAUSE in the conversation
Hazel:  Can we eat them all for dinner tonight betuz I am really hungry and there are a lot of corndogs in that big box and then I won't be really hungry anymore"
Me (still not excited, but realizing I am about to cave in) SIGH "we better get the really big box of corn dog if you are really hungry.  I love you, Hazel"

Really though, how can you argue with that logic or refuse her the corn dogs she so clearly needed in that moment? And who can eat corn dogs without french fries? Not us. That much is for sure so we bought a large bag of those as well!

Shortly after the corn dog decision, I found chips buy one get one free and had to grab a couple bags to quiet my husband's disdain about no chips in the house.  He really is a chip addict and it is not pretty, but I try to keep him happy and potato chips in his lunch makes him happy.

Stock photo from previous shopping excursion at Meijer.
 Not so healthy potato chips for my main squeeze's lunches the next couple weeks! I swear there are some healthy things in here really soon!

 Apparently I was concerned about our gut health and our calcium intake on this shopping trip too because I bought all this stuff and more in the dairy department!  MOOOO!

 I have also been cooking up sun tea a lot this summer.  This is primarily due to the fact that we have a crap ton of tea in our pantry and I am determined to use it up before summer's end! 

I have been craving Frosted Mini Wheats for months now so I fed my craving for dinner last night since my daughter selected corn dogs and french fries for the rest of the family to have for dinner.  Don't judge. It had been a long day and she is really cute, very intelligent and highly persuasive!  She might be a politician or a lawyer someday.

                          I occasionally still do actually cook real food out of Chester for my family these days!  This was my latest creation Penne pasta with peppers, zuccini, mushrooms and marinara sauce!  We dined on this last week before I fell off the wagon and went shopping last night and bought corndogs and french fries.

I will leave you with my favorite Robin Williams quote, "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"  Use these words to inspire today.  You can make a positive impact on someone so get out there and make a difference. 

Carpe Diem~ Seize the day!

Vern Out

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