Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buns of ...


Buns of steel, that is what I want, but alas I am stuck with buns of flour.  Thanks to the generosity of a friend who recently moved and passed three dozen buns my way, I have a lot of hamburger buns to use up!  Maybe someday I will get my steel buns, until then I will be dreaming of unique ways to use these wheat flour ones up!

I am at the point in Brainy Day process where everything that still needs to be done can't be done until Friday so now I am left to worry, or to write. I chose to write!

  This is a piece of Carrot Cake.  Nothing less. Nothing More.  Just a small taste of HEAVEN that was baked with love at one of my favorite places to dine, which is my special meeting place with my dearest brain buddy, Ms. N.  Who is both beautiful and intelligent; and one of the most authentic people I know. Yes, she is every bit as amazing as ice cream, wine and coffee. And you know how I feel about all of these things!  We dined. We Chatted.  We caught up.  And at the end of it all, I took this piece of cake home for breakfast the next morning!  It was such a great day!  Ms. N I love you and I will miss you at Brainy Day! It just won't be the same without you, but PLEASE don't feel like a turd that just won't flush because that makes me sad and I wish you  nothing but HAPPINESS!

What's a Girl to do?
 With a whole lotta eggs and a couple packs of hamburger buns?

Well make egg sandwiches of course!  Weird? Probably, but I prefer resourceful.  Yes resourceful that's what I am!  AJ loves Egg sandwiches even when I make them on hamburger buns! 

 Our chickens are producing at an all time HIGH.  They must have sensed my deep
disappointment this past winter when they were stuck in their serious laying slump. So they are increasing production now to make up for it.They are doing so well that they are almost back in my good graces. Almost.  Remember how long last winter was so not quite.  

 Honestly, I have a hard time using the eggs up so I have been sharing them with neighbors and friends!  Hazel is not about to be out done by her big brother so here she is showing off what remains of her delightful hamburger bun egg sandwich!  YUMMY!

Tonight instead of being naughty and going out to dinner like I originally requested (which I realize would have been really bad and totally cheating; but I didn't actually do it so it's all good), instead we went down to dinner; Yes we went down to dig through Chester and what we found was incredible!  A friend had passed along some old burritos after cleaning his freezer a couple of months ago. I could be wrong but I think they were home-made at some point in time. So we went ahead and ate them for dinner.  I realize the picture is not great, but it is the only evidence I have that the burritos actually existed because we ate every last morsel of them because they were surprisingly really delicious despite that they had lived inside two different household freezers for longer than it takes to grow a new human life!

We are still surviving and not shopping much.  Brainy Day is less than four days away and I am trying to keep my stress level at a manageable level, but I will be honest, I am struggling with this.  I  invite you all out to participate as either a competitive runner or as a leisurely strolling walker who just wants to get out in nature and burn some calories.  Brainy Day Registration Link!

Sweet Dreams,

Vern Out

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