Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sweet birthday redemptions

After the mostly successful, but slightly snafu-like sleepover party for my daughter back in May, I pulled off a couple amazing birthday parties so I just had to share!  On June 7th we had a bounce party for my son.  Complete with the amazing  camouflage cake  I didn't take a picture of the cake, but I did capture the bounce house check it out!  We also made a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's pool next door and it was a 100% fun time for all. Even his two meddling sisters couldn't ruin that good time!

 Fun was had by all!  The proof is in the bounce!

 Grandma gave AJ all the scrabble snack sized cheez-its and a family friend gave us leftover snack packs of doritos so we even had fun snacks for the kiddos without having to break the shopping rule!

I found a random picture of the leftover cake.  It was actually tie dyed for the family party and camouflage colored for the friends party so this piece is a family one and the camouflage cake blended in too much so no pics!

Fast forward exactly a month from AJ's party and you will find me totally spoiling my husband on his birthday, July 7th.  We threw him a surprise party; A party that got off to a rocky start, but which ended up being... totally AWESOME baby! He then spent a lazy day recovering from his surprise party after eating  his favorite breakfast, Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce, which I cooked to perfection for the first time ever despite its high degree of difficulty (like an 13 or 14 on a scale of 1-10) and despite my nearly fifty prior failed attempts. And we had his family over for dinner on his actual birthday too for shrimp carbonara which is excellent! I am exhausted just remembering all of this stuff.  My husband  is such a lucky man.

Eggs Benedict is one of the most difficult dishes to prepare, not because it is hard to stack ham and eggs a top an english muffin, but because of the timing...Timing really is everything and if you don't have all of the food hot at the same time that the sauce magically thickens up, then you have a MAJOR problem because the sauce will begin to separate as it cools and then you are SCREWED.  So the fact that this actually looks like what Eggs Benedict is supposed to look like is nothing short of a miracle.
Bon Appetit!

For the record, I did actually wrap these up in a big fancy gift bag that I bought at the Goodwill for fifty cents...and I tied it with pretty ribbon (not that a man cares about such trivial things), but still I wanted you to know. In case you care and so that the gift seems slightly less lame. 

His birthday gift was $18.04 worth of chips for his lunch that I pack him with TLC each and every morning before he heads off to work!

Vern Out

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