Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am being held hostage

We went camping for a week and upon our return we have been taken hostage...

By our laundry!!!!!

All joking aside, I have been held hostage; by our laundry; for the past 36 hours and that is why I haven't posted a story sooner.  This laundry is mean, heartless and only feeds us bread and water.  It demands my undivided attention and is a whole lot nastier than this grumpy old catfish we landed while camping last week.

The MONSTER catfish from Lake William

Yes, the laundry has completely taken over.  It is everywhere: In the kitchen.  On all bedroom and bathroom floors. The laundry is literally on every piece of our furniture, in our vehicles and it is even in the most unlikely place, our laundry room.  It is COMPLETELY out of control.

So yesterday I wanted to go to run club for myriad reasons, but mainly because I like to run.  But also we had been gone camping for 6 days and I didn't go running at all for that entire stretch of time which for someone like myself who is helplessly addicted to running is kind of a big deal.  When I pitched the idea of leaving (just three hours after returning from our camping adventure) to my husband he got all Cinderella on me as he said, "sure as long as you have all of the laundry done and the house is clean (and you've done all your stepsisters work too)".  After some serious negotiations with both my husband and the dirty laundry, I left and enjoyed run club.

The Most Interesting Team in the World!  
Also known as My Great Lakes Relay Family!

When I returned home I found that my husband had turned into a Prince Charming of his own making! Seriously, it was incredible, nothing short of a miracle really.  The kids had eaten dinner, been bathed and had helped to somewhat picked up the house. The dishes were even in the dishwasher people!  Other than the laundry still clearly in control of the situation (ie everywhere in our house and I swear it reproduces asexually or something too because it seemed like there was actually more than when I had left to run)  it was truly a fairy tale ending to my day.

Vern Out 
(or technically in because I am held captive by the laundry!)

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