Friday, September 30, 2016

Chester's competition

So I visited a friend recently and realized that Chester totally has some competition.  I know shocking right!?  All this time, I falsely believed that Chester was coasting in the lead by miles (or pounds of food) over the competition, and in that moment I realized I was WRONG. Seriously, her freezer was so full that it made Chester look slim, and empty, and barren. Of course, you realize, this is no small task because Chester looks just like this.

  So my friend shall remain unnamed as to protect his or her identity, but I really had to share because until that precise moment in time, I thought Chester was all alone-- way in the lead-- during the freezer food storage olympics, but I stand correct.  Chester has some serious competition.  He may even lose.

SO I don't own a smart phone or a decent camera, plus I wouldn't want someone to identify my friend by providing real pictures of his or her freezer, so this is the closest picture I could find to impersonate my friend's freezer (who is unnamed I might add!).  I know that is crazy that such an impressive freezer lacks a name, but it is true!

Oh and when I went searching for freezer pictures this is the coolest image I found. I want to do this--you know fill Chester to the rim with nothing but popsicles-- just because it is so FUN and my kids would finally think I am COOL!  However, I am a responsible adult so I shall practice some basic self control and not do this...yet anyways.  Maybe if we ever reach our goal to empty Chester, this is how I will fill him up!

And while searching for cool freezer pictures, I came to learn that apparently there is an entire science that is the proper organization of a freezer.  This is very disturbing to me, the fly by the seat of her pants girl that I am.  How can there be so very many images, rules and diagrams to help organize a dadgum freezer!  Ain't nobody got time for that!

Vern out

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