Friday, November 20, 2015

Feeling Irma Bombeckish

Yes Bombeckish is a word because I made it up and because I am one of Irma's biggest fans!  I do feel a certain presence of hers lately what with my ever growing lost sock bin and my use of multiple crock pots I am basically the modern day Irma this week.  Anyhow... 

Before 8am yesterday I had already:
  • successfully sewn two knees on some of my son's pants
  • glued a barbie head back on to Hazel's favorite doll (thus saving her world)
  • fed my kids waffles for breakfast (and not eggos, but real ones that start with flour and eggs)
  • packed three semi-nutritional lunches for my trio
  • signed all school forms required for the day
  • safely delivered three kids to the bus stop
  • hung a load of laundry on the line
Yes I feel like I may reach domestic domination someday yet...

However, I still have:
  • a son who went to school in pants that have a ripped knee and paint stains on them 
  • a house that is messy 
  • a level of disorder within that messy house that is quite appalling
  • a mudroom that "smells funny" according to my hubby
  • leftover, leftover, soup with outdated dinner rolls to feed the fam

On a more humorous note (although I actually never go on Pinterest) ain't nobody got time for that:

and to be honest most days I don't even shower...I call it a water conservation initiative and/or training for Haiti, but I might possibly have personal hygiene issues.

PS my older sister would call the dinner rolls "aged" to make them sound fancy and better, but the reality is they are outdated by two days.

Praise be to God.  We are alive and healthy.

That is all
Vern out

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