Saturday, July 4, 2015


This sucks I accidentally published this post when I was really planning to just start a new story about the throw away society in which I reside.  And now I can't figure out how to unpublish it and I am again annoyed with technology...Anyhow, I really hate waste.  Our society is nothing if not wasteful.  So my kids are accustomed to hearing things like "finish your food", "we are having leftovers" and "no we are not going to buy that because we don't need it"

PS SO finish your vegetables people and have a happy Fourth of July weekend!

PPS And for Pete's sake don't take so much of that because you will never finish it.

PPPS take that you silly blog that self published my not yet constructed story.  I finished it in under three minutes and it is still entertaining.

Vern Out

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