Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still alive eh!?

Yes I am still alive and yes I am still trying to empty my pantry. Oh and while I am at it I am also attempting to empty my chest freezer, Chester.  A girl's gotta have goals.  So first of all, I wanted my faithful followers to know I am alive and mostly well.  Secondly I wanted to share a quick story.  And finally I needed to confess my latest shopping binge.  Let's get started!

Happy Canada Day!  So confession first,  I totally shopped last night for the ingredients to make Nanaimo Bars in celebration of Canada Day (for those of you who have no idea what the hell a Nanaimo Bar is (which was me until 9 o'clock last night); they are a traditional Canadian dessert.  I have since learned that in short, they are a taste of heaven.  A buttery, chocolatey coconutty, taste of heaven.  They are Rich in flavor (and probably calories) and very, very, very, very, yummy.  There are many different versions of these treats.  I chose ones with almonds and coconut because I like almonds and coconut!  Did I mention they are very yummy!?  Check em out!

So how exactly did I end up dressed in Mittens in July wearing my red and white with some crazy yummy bars I had never heard of until yesterday!?  Good question.  Well we recently hired a Canadian transplant at work so now that I work with a Canadian I figured I need to be respectful of her so when I learned (yesterday) that today was Canada Day, I decided to go all out for the occasion!  I am wearing red and white and my mittens from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and I will be eating some of those delicious bars shortly.  Heck I may even run through KFC and request some poutine if I get really ambitious!  Apparently they will prepare it if requested in the US and in Canada it is a menu favorite!

Vern Out

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