Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Natural woman

For better or worse, I am a natural woman.  I don't really do make-up, or hair spray, or most of the other standard womanly rituals.  I know very little about modern fashion trends and what I do know I learned from my 8-year old. Unlike me, she has a real knack for fashion! So I am a very basic and natural woman.  As such, I can be ready to go just about anywhere in a matter of a few minutes.  Now sure I might forget a few things (like a coat in November), but I am also resourceful so I will manage without whatever I forget and mostly without complaining!  This little story is dedicated to Mother Nature.  She has taught me much in life and for this I am eternally thankful...

Spring really has sprung and I for one have a serious case of SPRING FEVER!  Well, I along with our kids, Stan (the dog), Gus (the cat), Velvet (the rabbit) and our lovely flock of chickens; we all seem to have some serious spring fever happening! Forget about the Flu, it is spring fever you have to avoid!   We are completely out of control!  Bed times are shot. The house is a wreck. The van is a disaster area.  And we just can't seem to get enough of what mother nature has to dish up!  The fresh, warm air and the sunshine beckon us away from our responsibilities and call us out to play in the mud, woodlands and dirt.  Even when it rains like today, we are called out to play!  So our homework is not up to par, our chores are behind schedule and it's all because our attention is directed elsewhere. OUTSIDE! Today nature offers some advice tidbits of advice to you and I.

I am working on a real story about this; but basically it boils down to this:

I do not like technology. I do not like it Sam I am! I do not like it in a house, nor with a mouse, not in a box, not with a fox. Not on a train, not in the rain.  I do not like technology....I do not like it Sam I am...Can you tell my 5-year old is on a Green Eggs and Ham kick these days!?

Yes my opinion is EXTREME and I do see some value to technology, but it has gotten out of control.  Especially with our kids. I don't think that kids need so much of it; kids need to get outside. Kids need to get outside and play and get dirty and make messes and explore and get lost (well lost in the fun and adventurous way, not in the scary truly can't find your way home way).  Kids need to learn to interact with nature and with other kids in a healthy way not while "connected" on computers...

Our Mud Community.  My kids and I built this while dad was working.  There was a Mud Island and a Plant Peninsula and imaginations were running wild right along with all the kids.  It was glorious; despite the amount of laundry that was produced, it was really, truly, glorious! And I hung the clothes on our clothesline so the impact on nature was minimized!!

Patience is a Virtue!

So I love this picture and quote, but I oftentimes find myself in a hurry and busy and whenever I am in a hurry and busy I naturally become a less nice person, honestly a kind of ugly person and my stress level rises and it isn't pretty in the least...I must work on this.  I am a work in progress in the realm of patience while Mother Nature has is all figured out.  

PS This was supposed to post last week when it was actually spring like outdoors, but I was too busy and now it is posting during our return to winter like temperatures and rain. SIGH.

Happy Spring Ya'll!

Vern Out

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