Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chester Lives

So Chester  (for those of you who are new to my blog Chester is our Chest freezer and I have been working tirelessly to empty him for about a year and a half now) survived his first real bout with indigestion and abdominal cramping; You know, the one brought on by all the Little Ceasars Pizza kits we fed him about a week ago.  It was kind of a big deal because for so long we have been committed to emptying Chester and using up the random items he holds.  For so long he has been lean and hungry.  Every time he decided to dig deeper and look inside himself he felt like this guy...

Well Chester survived that horrible pizza incident only to endure another unexpected and hefty deposit.  At least this time it was in the form of 11 healthy freezer meals!  Eleven!  It was a beautiful thing. A very beautiful thing. My kids may never be forced to eat leftover frozen pizza for dinner again!  This deposit was made possible by viewers like you!  (Just kidding I have been watching PBS the past few mornings and that is just such a catchy phrase they coined.)  It was made possible thanks to Wildtree Products, a new in home direct sales company committed to helping busy moms create family friendly healthy meals for your freezer. Oh and it was also brought to you  thanks to the work ethic of yours truly and a good friend of mine.

Now I do agree with this blog post I found from some other slightly crazy, off track, mom so read it if you want more details about the in home party aspect offtrack mom.  She makes some valid points. I certainly would not want to drag a cooler full of meat around my neighborhood!

Thankfully, I was able to do the workshop with a friend in the comfort (and disorder) of my own home because she is a fairly new Wildtree Consultant and wanted some practice!  So long story short (for a change), we made the meals in roughly two hours with minimal pain and suffering.  Now Chester is stuffed full of a variety of delicious freezer meals and some residual Little Ceasar's Pizza kits.  These kits are like the unexpected family members who visit unannounced and overstay their welcome (think Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation)!

But the freezer meals are amazing and nothing like cousin Eddy.  They can stay as long as possible!  Check it out!

 These are the actual Wildtree products.
The line-up for the Everyday Meals Menu!
Meals awaiting deposit. 

 This is what the girls did while we prepared freezer meals.
Easter Dress Archery is up and coming!

We have absolutely no idea where the boys went, or what they were doing during this time period, so we have no photos of them nor other proof that they were even on site.  However, I should note that they are still alive and well and based on some of the messes I have found the past couple days I think it is safe to say they were "messing" around.

Any questions!?

PS We ate one of the two pork tenderloins that night and it was very good.  Moist, flavorful and tender so I am optimistic that this is going to work out to the benefit of all those involved.  I have not taste tested any other meals so stay tuned for an update next week!

PPS No appliances (or children) were harmed during the making of the freezer meals!

Vern Out

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